Baby's Development At Three Months
Tummy time - Baby's Development At Three Months: 10 Great News!

Now that your little one is growing really fast, we will check what is your baby’s development at three months. This month, you and your baby will start to have better days and nights. You will now enjoy a lot of things with your little bundle of joy. Let’s take a look and learn all your baby’s development at three months.

What is your baby’s development at three months? Is the third month a relief from all those sleepless nights and nonstop crying? Will you be able to function better at three months?

Your Baby’s Development At Three Months

You’d probably ben wondering what are your baby’s development at three months. We will reveal them all to you. From the little things that they can do to big things for you. By this month, you can have a night of better sleep, especially during the night. That sounds a piece of great news, right? Indeed!

Congratulations on a great job over the past few months. Sleep-deprived and tiresome days have drained you. The good news is, whenever your little one smiles, or giggles, you are energized! I believe that is what baby’s charm is all about. And it is magical. They won’t stay small, so best to enjoy every single day of it.

There may be times that you will feel exhausted. Breath mommy, you also need time to take care of yourself. So to give you some great news, let’s break down your baby’s development in third months!

What To Expect For Your Baby’s Development At Three Months

There are a bunch of things that you will see this month. And it really is exciting how time flies so fast. So cherish your baby’s littleness because, in the coming months, they will sprout really fast.

You can now see the results of those tummy time you’ve been practicing with your little baby. She can now lift her head when laying down with her tummy.

Baby's Development At Three Months
3 months old baby – Baby’s Development At Three Months: 10 Great News!

That music that you were playing in the background becomes familiar with your baby too.

There will be a lot of fun, laughing out loud scenes to be heard from both of you. She will be giggles and talking nonstop. Just make sure she is not overtired to enjoy your bonding moments.

Your baby will be a better speaker and will be able to create sounds. Cooing with her will give her extra more confidence to talk to you.

She gets familiar with simple acts and gestures. Your baby will know and anticipate you getting her from the bed. Lifting her up will also be signaled with lifting her back.

Your little one will start to practice rolling over. If not, that is totally okay, they will still roll over and you cannot stop them!

She will be extra attentive to the sounds that she hears. Knows which direction should she turn for better access.

Your baby will love to play. That means toys, staying on the playmat or play gyms are great options.

Your baby’s development at third months will also include enhancing sensory-stimulating senses. More sensory toys will help here develop. Don’t forget to interact more with her as well.

Your baby’s grip becomes better and she will try to grasp on any colorful thing next to her.

Baby's Development At Three Months
Cute baby at three months – Baby’s Development At Three Months: 10 Great News!

Your baby would love if you can read her stories at night. Just before she snoozes off. She will have better sleeping time. A bit more than last months. Make sure that you feed her properly so she sleeps better at night.

Check with your pediatrician if your baby is in the right track for weight and height. You can also check the chart for baby’s weight and height. This will help you determine if your baby is in the right track, underweight or overweight.

Another great news to anticipate is how your baby will be sleeping through the night. There are some babies that when reached their third months, can sleep around six to even eight hours in the night. A piece of great news for you and your baby. You will start to sleep better now and hopefully (cross fingers) that your baby is one of them

Your Baby’s Health And Growth At Month Three!

Your baby’s development during the third month regarding their growth and health. Check with your pediatrician about your baby’s weight, height, and health.

Your pediatrician will let you know if you need to feed your baby more. Check if they are below the average weight for their age. You might be asked for a little extra effort to feed her.

There are some babies that are just not such an eater and would settle to their pacifier. encourage them to eat a little extra if needed. You can also simulate and play with them to keep them awake to finish their food.

Baby's Development At Three Months
Tummy time – Baby’s Development At Three Months: 10 Great News!

There are different factors why babies sometimes would settle for a half-full tummy. Either they are sleepy, tired or just want’s the dummy/pacifier to calm them. Which they think is already enough for their grumbling tummy.

Celebrating The Little Things During The Third Month

One of the things that you will be celebrating is that your newborn baby is already an infant. Hooray to that! Yes, that is official in the third month.

There will be a lot of fun and interactive activities between you and your baby. make sure you get the most of it.

Don’t be strict with schedules as this will just stress you later on. Surely it is good to establish a routine but knows when to start and when to skip.

Alow motor skills and sensory-stimulating toys to let your baby practice reaching out. Your baby might be practicing on putting weight through their legs. If she is not ready, just don’t push yet.

Tummy time is still a great way to make an interactive play. On the other hand, if your baby id fond of being carried, there are extra things you can try with her.

Baby's Development At Three Months
Longer sleeping time at three months – Baby’s Development At Three Months: 10 Great News!

Don’t depend too much with baby swings and rocker. She will e dependant on that whenever she feels sleepy. Though if your baby would be settled with that without the need to keep on rocking it, your mother instinct will say.

If you are feeling the urge to compare your baby with other kids on the block or your relatives. Please don’t. Remember that your baby is beautifully unique in a lot of ways. celebrate the little things that your baby is doing.

You and your baby is just starting out a wonderful journey. Your little one has grown a bit more this month. They know a bit about life from just eating, sleeping, and dirty diapers. They are excited to learn and see a lot of things.

You are also doing a great job. Don’t forget to take care of yourself to enjoy every moment. If you need help, speak and ask for it. There will be a lot of people who would love to help you and your little baby out.

When your baby is fussy, check for what is keeping her uncomfortable. Don’t leave her on the swing to settle down and be calm, it will just make her more agitated. Calm her by comforting and assuring her that everything will be alright.

Surely your baby’s development at three months is different from last month. They grow and so do you!


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