Baby's development At Six Months
Six months old baby - 13 Joyful Things About Your Baby's Development At Six Months

There are a lot of activities going on for your baby’s development at six months. Your baby’s life is having a great turn of events. she will be extra active this month. From sitting alone to crawling, the first teeth are there and introduction to solid foods.

What do you expect your baby’s development at six months? Are there new physical activities to look forward to your baby’s development at six months? What are the things you can do to help your baby prepare for this milestones?

Your Baby’s Development At Six Months

Your baby’s development at six months is gradually shifting. You will soon say goodbye to the little baby that stays where you just put them. As your baby starts crawling, expect the focus to grow more.

The number of days that you keep your baby in the same spot for a few hours will soon be gone. As your baby will start exploring all parts of the house. If your baby is like other babies that can crawl now, better start baby-proofing the house.

With a great deal for tummy time, your baby can start sitting on her own as well. If your baby has a great exercise, she can even lift up her weight when held upright.

Baby's development At Six Months
Six months old baby – 13 Joyful Things About Your Baby’s Development At Six Months

But do not worry if your baby is still not getting a step of these activities. She will soon get there at the right time. Maybe a little more help from you or just a cheer will do. Or you can stimulate by putting sensory toys to help your baby.


Your baby will start to taste or eat solid these months. You’ve probably already a lot of things in mind to feed her.

Your baby might have a few slides when trying to stand or crawl. That is totally okay as long as they don’t get hurt real-time. Playmat and other baby proof things will be the best option for a worry-free playtime.

What To Expect For Your Baby At Six Months

Now, what do we expect for your baby’s development at six months? We have compiled the list once more. Check out your baby’s development from the previous months as well. You will see how far your baby has come to. There will still be a long and wonderful journey coming ahead.

  • Your baby may start sitting unsupported this months. If not yet, then that is totally okay. She will soon get there. Encourage more tummy time and another exercise for her.
  • Your baby will start eating solids this month. Check out for the best foods to try for first-time eaters to avoid picky eaters as they grow.
  • Your baby will start crawling. Roaming every corner will be her next adventure. Make sure that you have all eyes for her. She might pick up unnecessary stuff and eat them.
  • Your baby is more curious than ever. Baby proofing is essential.
  • Your baby can sit on her high chair properly. Waiting for the food to taste and enjoy every meal.
  • Your baby can lift her body weight wity her legs. It’s a great sign that she can even pull herself up and stand. Leaning into a solid structure for support.
  • Your baby’s development at six months can be boost with the right toys. Check out for the toys that stimulate her critical way of thinking.
  • Your baby gets curious with a lot of things. Check out for colorful toys to play with.

    Baby's development at six months
    Cute babies – 13 Joyful Things About Your Baby’s Development At Six Months
  • Your baby will have a trip to her pediatrician this month.
  • Your baby will have vaccines for six months. If there are any reactions to your baby, let your doctor know.
  • Your baby will have (or already has) her first to second or even third teeth! Make sure to take care of them properly.
  • Your baby will still be depending on her growth with breast milk or formula.
  • Your baby’s development at six months includes a lot of social interactions. Playtime will be about toys and teddies.

Six Months Old Baby’s Development And Health

What is your baby’s development at six months and how it affects her health? Well, for these months, your baby will have a visit with her doctor. There will be a shot to be given too.

She will still be complete dependence of breast milk or formula for development and growth. Though you can start training her for sippy cups.

Weaning is still far of an issue for breastfeeding mommies but you can start to introduce her to another source of food. You can also check with your pediatrician all the things you need to know on how to track your baby’s growth and health. There will be a lot of questions to aked but will all have the right answers.

Baby's development at six months
6 Months old baby – 13 Joyful Things About Your Baby’s Development At Six Months

Your baby will have her first little teeth this month. If your baby happens to have them earlier is totally fine. In fact, that is a piece of great news.


Caring for those little teeth as early as now is essential. There are simple ways on how you can brush your baby’s tooth. It is also essential to keep them clean and safe from any developing cavities.

The first milk teeth will help your baby eat and chew her food properly. That is why caring for the first teeth is essential. Remember that oral health for your baby is essential. Especially for the permanent teeth to come up soon.

Avoid your baby’s teeth to build any decays as they will affect the permanent teeth’s form too. The teeth will also have a major effect on how your baby will speak.

Get your baby in a great routine of brushing their teeth every time. This will be a great benefit not just for the milk teeth but for her as well. There are easy ways to clean your baby’s teeth even at a younger age.

For a baby who has two or three teeth, you can use a clean damp cloth. There is toothbrush specially made for kids and babies. The bristles are softer and the head is smaller. And there is also a toothpaste designed for babies.

Though your baby can now start eating, encourage her to eat veggies and fruits. Avoid sugar and sweets for the moment. That way, she can enjoy most veggies and healthy food at a young age.

baby's development at six months
Baby started eating – 13 Joyful Things About Your Baby’s Development At Six Months

Once your baby gets used to eating fruits and veggies, she will have a better food choice than eating sugar. Though there will soon be treats available for her to enjoy. Make it as a balance for her development.


As your baby advance into the next half year of her life. She will be exposed to a lot of things. You will also learn with your baby many things.

The best way to entertain your baby as they grow and learn is to introduce them to a lot of things. That also applies to the food that you are giving her. She can explore food and taste while she is sitting in her high chair.

Your baby will need more of your attention these months forward. That is why stimulating skills are essential for toys and activities.

Find toys that help your baby develop her physical and intellectual skills. They can be simple building blocks and balls.


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