Baby's Development At Four Months
4 Months baby - Baby's Development At Four Months: 11 Excellent Milestones!

Your baby’s development in four months is wonderful. You can see your little bundle of joy grow and interact with everyone. Lot’s of fun and socializing moments. Either when she talks to you even to a stranger. That is the fruit of your continuous talking moments with her. Watched out for the upcoming first words real soon, they just pop and goes the weasel!

What is your baby’s development at four months to anticipate with? Can your baby’s development at four months be about physical activities? Can your baby starting murmur her first words?

Your Baby’s Development At Four Months

You are beginning to see all your baby’s development at four months. But it is just starting. The forth months is just the start of something wonderful (that means longer sleeping hours for your baby, more relaxing time for mommy!).

All the fruits of your hard labor are all starting to show. From the consistent tummy training, your baby can now lift her head properly. Thanks to your patience mommy.

Her legs are stronger than ever, continue those simple exercise. Those little things are great milestones for both of you.

What Parents Will Anticipate In The Forth Months With Their Baby

Let’s break down all the things that will make you happy from within. Your baby’s development at four months is visible.

  • Your baby can now lift her head level whenever she lifts up. Either on her tummy time or by sitting position.
  • Your baby is more of a talker and laughs at almost anything. Expect more giggles coming ahead.
  • Your baby can now rollover. Hooray for the both of you!
  • Your baby has stronger legs. She can bear enough weight on those chubby legs to support her.
  • Your baby will start pushing those leg muscles for a grab. If you place an object in front of her, she will want to crawl to that thingy.
  • Your baby will be playing more with her toes and hands. straight to her mouth at most times.
  • Your baby can sit without you holding her. If she can’t yet, that is totally okay. She will eventually do that. Try a few practices every day with her.
  • She can pull up her body to stand when supported by something or someone.
  • Your baby will start to react on most things, and those that favor her ‘wants’.
  • Your baby has more produced sounds this month. Anticipate the first word real soon! Is it a “Mama” or a “Dada“?
  • Your baby will have a follow-up shot this month. Learn how to ease those painful cries at the doctor. It is for the best protection against any deceases.

Your Baby’s Health And Growth At 4 Months

Baby's Development At Four Months
Interactive baby – Baby’s Development At Four Months: 11 Excellent Milestones!

With all the activity that your baby can do, surely she will be eating more from last months feeding. Your baby’s development at four months will affect her feeding. Your little bundle of joy is still on formula or breast milk dependant. Though there are some parents who are training their babies with a few solid purees. Check with your pediatrician about introducing her to solid foods.

It is still a common recommendation for doctors to start giving food at six months. This can start with a maximum of one tablespoon a day or two. That depends on your doctor’s advice. Best to take things little by little. She will be tasting all those food soon.

As your baby grows, keep in mind that it is not ideal to compare her with anyone, at all. Every baby is unique and so do mommies.

Now that your baby is four months, she will have a trip to the pediatrician and the following shots as well. The second dosage of the vaccinations from last time is here.

Since you will be having a check-up, try working on any questions in mind for your doctor. Takedown important concerns you wanted to raise. And don’t forget to take down notes of the answers. In case you might forget some details.

Baby's Development At Four Months
Allow more tummy time with supervision – Baby’s Development At Four Months: 11 Excellent Milestones!

Your pediatrician might be asking a few queries on your baby’s snooze and sleep pattern. The nap time depends on the quality and time she sleeps. especially during the day. It can be broken down to a few minutes of taking longer naps but twice a day. Those things will still depend on how your little baby sleeps.

Tips For Parents During The Forth Months

It is true that in the forth months, your baby’s development is more physical. That means try working on a few exercises to strengthen her muscles more. From more fun tummy time, a few supported legs to help her stand and sitting down. This can be done as long as your baby can lift her head properly.

If your baby seems to be sliding or slumps, then best to try some other time. Like tomorrow! Because she is not that ready yet. don’t forget to comfort her when she becomes fussy. She might want to try but she gets frustrated too. Give both of you a break and be gentle with yourself.

Talk to your baby more. That means even if it is a one-way conversation, be patient and show her how to do it. She’s learning with you. Try speaking in different tones and make it entertaining. You will see wonderful reactions from there.

Always address your baby’s name to her. That way she gets familiar with that word and she will know it is for her. There are different ways on how to keep the conversation flowing. Try telling her everything that you are doing with her. Use more interesting adjectives to describe most things with her.

Baby's Development At Four Months
Baby at 4 months playing – Baby’s Development At Four Months: 11 Excellent Milestones!

Stop and listen to your baby’s mumbling sound as well. Even if this is just a simple “ahh” or that wonderful “mmm”. She is also paying attention to how you react. You might just be surprised by what she has for you. Remember that babies are such clever cuties.

The best way to enjoy bonding is to make sure that everything is safe and clean. How about growing air purifying plants indoor? Your baby will surely love the sight and the clean air!

They say to keep the house clean when you have a baby. Well, that is true but not that much. Let your baby be exposed to some ‘germs’ from time to time. This will help her immune system to be stronger. Her little body needs some, well not all, dirt at some point.

There are also different ways of how you can entertain your little one. What about the mirror to see her adorable face? Your baby loves to look at faces and her reflection is one of the best faces she will see. Why not check for baby mirrors to add on her crib? Or other areas that she spends most of the time with?

The tummy time will still be a great way to exercise those muscles on. Keep doing this and you will see the wonderful benefits in no time. Make sure that you attend to your babies needs and supervise her always.

Now that your baby is getting extra active, you have to think about the time. Make sure that you have enough healthy food to grab on moments that you need quick meals. Check for lean meat that you can stack on your freezer. Don’t forget about the veggies! Your baby’s development at four months is still on complete dependance from you.


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