Baby's Development At Eleven Months
11 Months Baby - Baby's Development At Eleven Months: 11 Wonderful Things For Mommy!

Your baby’s development at eleven months includes a more sturdy walking buddy. She can clap her hands and wave goodbye. Flying kisses can be unlimited, producing real words and more clear gestures of what she wants.

What to expect for your baby’s development at eleven months in regards to their physical growth? What are the new changes for your baby’s development at eleven months for their growth and mental activities? Are there any new things to anticipate your baby’s developmental skills?

Your Baby’s Development At Eleven Months

Time flies so fast before your baby can’t even lift up her head. But look at her now, she can walk and explore the area with less support from you. She can pull herself and walk around the house leaning on the nearest furniture.

She can now do simple gestures when you ask her to. Like that simple waving goodbye if someone is leaving. Clapping her hands seems effortless for her too.

There are just a few things you need to remember about your baby’s development at eleven months. That goes with not comparing your baby’s milestones from other babies her age.

Every little bundle of joy is unique. Celebrate your baby’s amazing milestones. Don’t forget that you are the reason why they did that. Meaning, it is also your milestone to celebrate!

If your baby is not walking on her own, then that is totally normal. Don’t rush things up, babies will still walk whether today or tomorrow. If you are worrying, you can even check with your pediatrician about this. Surely they will be willing to give you helpful tips and advice.

If your baby is almost walking or you see he wanted to try. There are a lot of options to help her development. Bring out those push-toys. Anything that can support her to move and step a little further today.

Baby's Development At Eleven Months
11-Month Old Baby – Baby’s Development At Eleven Months: 11 Wonderful Things For Mommy!

Baby doll stroller is great options for your baby’s development at eleven months. This stimulating toys like strollers and shopping carts are great options. Include in every playtime some activity toys for independent mobility.

This is just a few things on how you can help your baby’s developmental skills to progress. Every push toys have their own reasons why they are made that way. make sure they are sturdy and free from any edges that may harm your baby.

The floor should be bouncy in case there are episodes of falling over. Cheer your baby to stand up in case they had a minor fall. This also helps build confidence for babies. Allow your baby to push these toys even around your living room or the play area. This gives them the feeling of exploring new rooms–err boundaries!

If you have been talking to your little bundle of joy since day one, expect real words from her. That means the ‘dada‘ or ‘mama‘ is part of her vocal communication skills. How wonderful would that be, right?

Again, if your baby is not pronouncing real words just yet, that is also normal. No need to rush, babies have different time pace. Enjoy what your baby can do and keep on talking to them. You will hear these magic words real soon!

The best way to stimulate your baby’s mental, verbal, cognitive, and motor skills is to continue to let your baby explore. Give your baby lots of toys that will stimulate her both physically and mentally.

Baby's Development At Eleven Months
getting messy at eleven months – Baby’s Development At Eleven Months: 11 Wonderful Things For Mommy!

Don’t forget to give your baby lots of books too. This will help her imagination boost with words and pictures. Pretend toys are also a great way to keep that little imagination rolling. Check for doctor’s kit, phone toys, and other pretend toys at hand.

Baby gets amazed with little stuff. That stuff that mimics real-life daily chores. Your baby would love to play with the kitchen and tableware. Puzzles, musical toys, shapes, activity cubes, and a lot more. You see, there are a lot of ways on how you can make your baby’s brain busy.

What To Expect For Your Baby’s Development At Eleven Months

There are a lot of things that you can anticipate with your baby’s development at eleven months. Surely you will love to see your little one cruise around the house. or hear that push toys making its way to you.

  • Your baby will be able to walk holding onto something sturdier. That means your furniture is her best ways to keep her moving around.
  • Your baby can now speak real words. A couple or more is a great way ahead. If your baby is not yet speaking, that is totally okay. Spend more time talking to her and you will soon hear real words coming out.
  • Your baby’s mental development is stimulated with toys too. Find toys that allow your baby to think and play at the same time.
  • Your baby is in the right weight and height chart. For boys weight, it between 18-27 pounds while for girls is 17-25 pounds. They can stand until 32 inches for boys and 31 inches for girls.
  • Your baby can now drink in a cup. That is if you have practiced her with a sippy cup before this month has come.

    Baby's Development At Eleven Months
    Crawling baby at 11 months – Baby’s Development At Eleven Months: 11 Wonderful Things For Mommy!
  • Your baby is ready to wean if you are bottle-fed. On the other hand, if you are breastfeeding, you can continue until you would want to.
  • Your baby is eating a lot of solids now. Though she will still need to drink milk this age. Make sure that you have the right healthy meals prepared for her always.
  • Your baby can now sleep better, much better than the months passed. A couple of naps during the day and 10-12 hours of sleep in the night.
  • Your baby can now do simple things by herself. Like feeding herself or pushing her fist and legs when dressing her up.
  • Your baby is now a little explorer so make sure that the house if well proof.
  • Your baby would love to play on a lot of things, including things that she should not play.

Your Baby Development Through Physical, Mental, And Health Department

So what do we expect for your baby’s development at eleven months? aside from a wider imagination, this can be stimulated with the right choices of toys for her. Check for the best stocking toys, puzzles, pretend toys and more.

Her independent mobility will enhance also with the toys that you will give her. For example, the push toys like doll stroller and shopping cart play a vital role to keep her balance sturdy.

Baby's Development At Eleven Months
Playing baby at 11 months – Baby’s Development At Eleven Months: 11 Wonderful Things For Mommy!

Toys that can help her language developmental skills include shape sorting toys. Puzzles and blocks, musical toys, coloring toys luike crayons and pens. And don’t forget about massive baby books.

Things To Anticipate For Your Baby’s Growth At Eleventh Months

Growth place a vital role in the baby’s development at eleven months. This has a major impact on the food nutrients that she gets from solid foods. Aside from formula milk or breast milk.

Make sure that you are giving your baby a healthy and balanced diet necessary for her growth.

Though you can start weaning your baby from the bottle, which is both beneficial for you and her. Like soaking her teeth with milk can have a possible build-up of cavities along the way. This will also help her eat proper food with less liquid intake.

During the eleventh month, transitioning from crib to bed is still early. Let your baby enjoy the crib with fewer pilows in it. They will be ready for bed when they are at least 35 inches tall.

Tips For Mommies On How To Take Care Of Their 11-Month Baby

If you are planning to get a pet, better get the boundaries safe between your baby and the pet. And don’t leave them both together. At least someone is assisting or looking after your baby at the same time.

Traveling can be a great time but make sure you have most of the travel-size stuff for your baby and a first aid kit too. Ask for help always so that you will have a great time and vacation as well.

Do you want to bond more with your baby? we have amazing tips for you. Learn them all here!


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