15 Exciting Baby Shower Games To Play
15 Exciting Baby Shower Games To Play

One of the many ways on how you can organize a successful baby shower is to incorporate it with exciting baby shower games to play that your guests will surely love to play with.

There are different ways on how you can entertain your guests with different, fun, and exciting baby shower games that are popular and even made up just for the event. Remember that baby showers are especially celebrated for the coming of a new member of the family with all the closest friends and family member and also to pamper the mother-to-be or the parents with the new stage of their life.

What are the traditional baby shower games that are commonly played on a baby shower party or baby shower gatherings? What are the best and fun baby shower games that you can incorporate on the next baby shower that you are about to organize? Is it really ideal to organize any baby shower games during a party? What baby shower games can the mother-to-be play together with the guests?

Fun And Exciting Baby Shower Games to Play

Baby Shower Games To Play
15 Exciting Baby Shower Games To Play

Who would never want to play with baby shower games during a baby shower gathering or party that is really exciting and fun to play with the rest of the guests? Whether you are the parents-to-be or the mother-to-be or the guest, you definitely want to participate with this fun and exciting baby shower games that are meant to be played with everyone.

We’ve compiled the most exciting games ever played during the baby shower and we do hope that you will have ideas of the next game that you will play with everyone on your guest list. Baby showers are specially designed to pamper the mother-to-be on her next journey and to prepare her on what she’s going to expect during the delivery and the itself. There will be a lot of changes to the mother’s life once the baby will arrive in the family.

There will be instances of sleepless nights and countless tiresome moments between the mother or the parents-to-be on how to take care of their little one. The future mother will have worries and anxious as the days are getting shorter until her delivery day. However, baby showers are one of the many ways on how you can make the mother feel good or the parents-to-be relieved from any stress or worries of the big day coming ahead. The baby shower games that are prepared will definitely give not just the mother-to-be but everyone on the parties have a fun time.

The Most Popular And Cool Baby Shower Games

15 Exciting Baby Shower Games To Play
15 Exciting Baby Shower Games To Play

Prepared games are part of any party to make it even extra special and fun for everyone. Not just only for the guest of honor but for the guests to have a feel-good experience of the party that you are organizing. There are many ways on how you can choose the best party games for every occasion and the theme that incorporated for every party. Check out this cool shower games that you can include on your program for the next baby shower that you’re going to organize.

Don’t Say That Word

This is probably one of the most traditional shower games ever played for every baby shower party. Regardless of the type of baby shower party, you were organizing, this kind of game is one of the most played and favorite of all time. At the beginning of the baby shower party, you can choose a forbidden word that the guests or everyone are not allowed to use. It should be any word that is related to the baby or to the shower party.

Check out for a unique yet commonly used word to make sure that everyone will have fun all throughout the party. The guest who uses this word during the party is out of the game. The guest who remains and refrains themselves from using the word is the winner. Easy right? You can even add a twist to make you even exciting.

Guess That Baby

One of the most popular ice breaker games for baby shower party is to guess who’s baby is who based on the photos that the guests bring with them during their childhood days or even their baby photos. This is also a fun way to allow your guests to mingle with each other and get to know them better while having fun guessing. You can ask every guest on your guest list to bring their baby photos before the start of the baby shower party and stick them on the wall with numbers and them to start on with the guessing game.

Share Your Embarrassing Baby Story

This will help everyone know each other while laughing out their heart with every embarrassing story that everyone will be sharing. This type of game is a great icebreaker that leaves everyone laughing.

15 Exciting Baby Shower Games To Play
15 Exciting Baby Shower Games To Play

Chugging Contest With Baby Bottles

It is hilarious to see adults drinking on baby bottles, This will leave everyone laughing and enjoying by the sight of an adult chugging or drinking on baby bottles. Set the timer to a minute and see who drinks the most from their bottle.

Diaper Race

Form a team of 2 from all your guests and start the race of who makes the most wonderful diaper makeshift out of toilet paper in just 2 minutes. You will see the creativity of everyone while laughing and the scenery of an adult wearing toilet paper diaper.

Baby Food Flavor Guessing Game

Before the party starts, you can buy at least 10 different flavors of baby food and remove the leads and just mark them by numbers. To make it even more exciting, you can cover the container with white tape so the baby food will not be seen. Have every guest guess the flavor of each container and see who have got the most correct answers to win the price.

Dirty Diaper Inspection

15 Exciting Baby Shower Games To Play
15 Exciting Baby Shower Games To Play

This can look gross but it is actually guessing what type of candy or chocolate is in the diaper. You can do this by melting at least 10 different chocolate flavors on the diaper to be inspected by your guests by tasting it and guessing the right flavor of the candy or chocolate. This is grass but surely fun.

Twister Belly

Allow all the guest to place a balloon underneath their shirts or dresses and play twister game by popping the balloon underneath and whoever is the last one wins price.

Baby Items In The Bag Guessing Game

Let your guests be blindfolded while tucking their hands on a paper bag or a baby bag with different baby items and guess all of those items inside. The guest with the most correct items that they guess wins a price.

Questions For Mommy and Daddy

Ask at least 20 questions for parents-to-be which should be in separate rooms so that the other significant half will not hear the answers of the other one. Once they are both done with the questioning and recorded the answers, then you can put them together and start asking the questions to see what the other one is thinking and what the other one is answering. Think of the unique questions to ask for both of them.

Guessing The Mother’s Measurement

This is one of the fun and exciting games that you can play at a shower party. Every guest will be guessing the circumference of the mother’s tummy by using yarn. Once all the guests have been completely taken a guess then they can start going close to the mother with the yarns that they have. The closest guess of for the circumference wins the game.

Ice Breaker Game

You can prepare this type of game the day or the night before the baby shower party and put on tiny pieces of baby’s on the ice cube box or tray. Serve the eyes the guess whoever has the most babies wins price.

The Price Is Right, Baby Version

Just like on the tv version you can do this type of game by buying at least 10 baby items and allow your guests to guess the price of each item. Whoever is the closest to the price wins, however, the parents or mother-to-be will keep those baby items for her.

Nipples Bobbing Contest

Set up buckets of water for two teams or more and drop some feeding bottle nipples and allow your guests to get them without using their hands and the most guests who got nipples wins.

Guess That Famous Baby

Print up baby pictures of famous people or celebrities and guests have a wild guess to all those babies. Of course, the most correct guesses wins a price.

There are still a lot of games you can play during baby showers and hope that these ideas will give you a head start to a fun and exciting shower party. Remember to have fun and make sure that the mother-to-be is comfortable with all the ideas of games that you wanted to play during the party.


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