Planning an event is not an easy task. It takes time, and part of this time involvement includes how to avoid time schedule complexity in kids party. It is essential to get the timing right. Whether you decide on time during the morning, afternoon, or evening, you have to do a lot of research first. 

Doing research means asking questions like: Should you schedule the party in the morning or in the afternoon? Is lunch or dinner a better time for the party? What food will you have to serve the guests? If it will be a kiddie party, what punches we can give to our kid’s party? These are all considerations that will depend on the type of party, time of the day and the guests.

Careful planning should be made. Choosing the best date for the event is important. The time of day the party is held can also make or break it come the big day. Poor timing can result in low attendance, which can make for a boring birthday party. So, what is the best time to hold the party? To avoid bad timing we have listed some recommendations here below.

Things to consider to Avoid Time Schedule Complexity in Kids Party

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face painting in kids party
  • Budget – parents who allocate a higher budget for the party expect something special and that should be respected. Planning the time for their event and the time to spend around organizing their event should be checked on their diaries.
  • Theme – for an adult-oriented event, the best time is almost always night time. Refer to the customer’s journal and use the given theme to schedule the time for the event.
  • Venue and Decorations – these play a major role when deciding how to choose the time for an event. You wouldn’t want to choose the middle of the day when it’s blazing hot to start an event that has live-plucked roses for decorations.
  • Invitations – consider when and if these have been sent out. Usually, invitations are a continuance of the client’s journal. Checking the invitations will set you in the right direction towards choosing the right time for the event.
  • Foods and Drinks – obviously when it comes to water, there is no set time. However, for an event with alcohol, you’ll want to time it such that the drinks are kept chilled and the setting is just right. The same goes for food. Check the client’s menu to see the type of food being served and this will point you towards the right direction regarding selecting the time to start the event.

If your child is still a toddler, have the party end by nap time. Parties for older children can start later and end around three or four o’clock in the afternoon. Evening parties are best left for children nine and older.

 The best time of the day to hold a kiddie party. Planning a kids’ party is so much fun because you get to pick cute decorations and make cake or cupcakes for kids to smash in fits of delight!  Survey shows that the best time of the day to hold a kiddie party is at ten o’clock in the morning. This is to consider and give way to some scheduling issues. Most young guests including the celebrator, have an early afternoon nap.

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Kids are helping the celebrant to blow his cake

Holding a kiddie party at ten o’clock in the morning. It means that guests have had breakfast (hours ago) and are not expecting lunch, so you can serve light snacks, coffee, and cocktails alongside cake. It also means your child is well-rested, as are your young guests. Scheduling your party for noon or later might make you feel obligated to serve lunch and your little guests are going to arrive hungry and tired.

Having older kids parties, say those from ages one to eight, at ten o’clock in the morning means that your young kids and their friends aren’t waiting anxiously all day for the party to start. Commonly, the anxious anticipation of a super-fun party isn’t as annoying (“Mom, is it time for the party yet?”) as it is exhausting for the little ones. Plus, a party that wraps up around noon means that the rest of our Saturday or Sunday afternoon can include a nap or other family fun.

Any party theme works but pajamas top them all. Superheroes still party in the morning, as do unicorns, mermaids, and trucks. Hosting at ten o’clock in the morning doesn’t mean you’re obligated to a breakfast-themed party. But feel free to make breakfast foods — pancakes and doughnuts are fun themes — the center of the party and invite guests to come over in their pajamas.

Serve coffee for adults. Pick up a party pack from your local coffee shop and they will provide disposable cups, sugar packets, and half-and-half in the price.

Serve snacks. Even though a meal will not be expected, it is generous to serve some snacks and accommodate the mid-morning mealtime. Yogurt, snack mix, bagels, fruit salad, and deviled eggs are easy and inexpensive snacks that can sit out at room temperature for a few hours but don’t require a table large enough for a dozen kids to sit and eat.

Factors to put into consideration

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Kids are enjoying their friend party

All of them are not set in stone and tend to vary according to event and client’s journal. At the end of the day, you want to choose the right time, which will rightfully merge with the rest of the event plan. There are now a number of apps that can be used to help plan an event schedule. You want the event to be organized and already have a picked out event planning time, the next step requires coming up with the best schedule. Hereunder are some tips in choosing the best event schedules that you can modify to suit your needs:

  • Understand the event brief, set out the goal and objective of the event
  • Pick out the most suitable people to be part of the team
  • Choose the date for the event
  • Create hype around the event and make sure that you market it as much as possible
  • Come up with a master plan that covers all the details for event day
  • Assign a special team for operations management
  • Approach and sign sponsors and partners who are recognized brands
  • Have a publicity and marketing plan
  • Set out a feasible budget
  • Have an actual evaluation process to measure the success post the event
  • Finally, come up with the event program

Choosing the time for a schedule is not really so complicated. It’s important to take into consideration that the event planning industry is fragile. There is no, ‘one size for all.’ Be explorative and work with clients to find the best time in both your diaries. If you feel you are already full, refer the ‘late client’ to your associate planners. An excellent way to avoid time clashes and overworking is knowing the amount of work to accept, even during the peak season.

Putting some thought into the timing of your events will maximize clients and attendees. Once you figure out the best time to hold your event, you will be better able to market your events to potential attendees. Best of luck!


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