amazing kids party
amazing kids party

Every kid awaits their birthday with anticipation where they would get a chance to cut a cake, have fun with their friends, play games and make it a memorable day. It completely depends on you to make the necessary arrangements for your child to feel special. So what assurance does it take to make an amazing a memorable one?

Throwing an amazing does not simply means having a birthday cake, balloons and allowing kids to just jump and run around the venue. The main target is to make sure that the kids will have a really great time, instead of just letting them dock their heads and stare at their iPhone for the whole day. Just like fall birthday party ideas, we diligently researched and compiled ideas and tips on the essentials for an amazing where every kid is well-entertained and delightfully contented.

Planning a kid’s birthday party may cause a lot of stressful days and nights, and there are so many things to consider. Such as the party venue, healthy food, lively program, colorful decorations and of course the party theme, invitation and the party favors to go! However, there is no such rule to make everything perfect. As long as you get it right and offer the kids something they will love and enjoy, that is close to perfection! So, there is no need to stress yourself with every detail of the party.

You can have an advance planning of your kid’s birthday party and list down all essentials for an amazing kids party. In such a way you can make the necessary arrangement for the venue and all party stuff details. There are a few essentials that you often require for a kid’s party and obtaining them from trusted stores would make sure that they are of the best quality. Or you can hire an event planner/organizer who is expert in these events and can meticulously take charge of all necessary details and in full authority to cover the essentials for an amazing kids party. Thus, you can make your kid’s birthday party super special.

Top 15 Essentials for an Amazing Kids Party

Set a budget before planning anything else in the first place

Without you knowing it, expenses for birthday parties can add up quickly. So it is best to allocate a budget, like how much you would comfortably spend for each guest, in a per-person costing for the meals, dessert, drinks and etc.

Make the DOs and DON’Ts list

For stress-free planning, help yourselves by listing down the “what to do and what not to do” list in achieving an amazing kids party. A list of items you need to do the month, week and day before the main event; and the “DON’Ts” are those things you would most likely avoid in order to accomplish your goal.

Decide for a Venue

Decide whether you want to host the party in your home or elsewhere. Using your home will lessen the financial expenses, in as much as you can control how much you will be spending on food and decorations. But it really depends on how much space do you have and how much effort you want to put in. As you understand, home parties will be tedious and more work for you. But if you are the creative type and you have a spacious backyard or receiving area, then go for a home party.

15 Essentials for an Amazing Kids Party 1However, venues can be more exciting and will make your job a lot easier. So if you decide to do the party outside of your home, look for a venue that will fit in your party theme. Prioritize the interests of your birthday kid, such as indoor play gyms, bounce houses and children’s museums. It will be perfect if you book the venue a month advance. And take note, please choose a venue that is convenient for everybody, for parking, and for transportation. Important though is, if you are on an outside venue like at the public park or at the beach, be prepared for an unexpected change of weather. Have an alternative venue; the fun and excitement of the party must go on!

15 Essentials for an Amazing Kids Party 2Choose a Party Theme

The party theme is one essential for an amazing kids party you should not neglect. And it is vital to choose a theme your birthday kid loves, not because you like it due to its cuteness. It is best if you ask him what he prefers most for his party theme base on his favorite activity, sports, or cartoon characters.

The Guest List

If your birthday kid is into nursery class, if your budget will allow without overspending and the venue is spacious enough, it is suggested to invite the whole class to avoid hurt feelings and discrimination. Or you can lessen the invites to an all-girls or all-boys only party. The advantage of having a guests list is to enable you to keep track of who you will invite, to slash down if not necessary and those who you have invited to the party, as well as those who have RSVPd. As a rule, having a large group of guests may not always be considered as an amazing birthday party. It is on how the party is organized that makes sense. Younger kids may not be able to handle bigger groups compared to older kids who can handle them better.

Party Invitations

You could either customize the invitation cards that you intend to send to your child’s friends and other guests or can obtain them from stores that stock up on bright invitation cards. You could choose them according to the theme of the celebration or according to the choice of your child. Several online stores stock up on such invitation cards that you can order in bulk. You can order a month prior to your event and send them out a couple of weeks ahead of time. In your invitation, do not forget to include the date, start and end times, the location of the venue, parking information, attire for the party most especially if it is a swimming party, and last but not the least, the RSVP phone number and email address.

Choose a Convenient Time

You have to take into consideration the nap times and the mood swings of your birthday kid. Usually, the younger ones are at their prime earlier in the day before their afternoon siesta. While older kids can do well in the afternoon. Tweens and teenagers seem to be perfect in the late afternoon or at night.

Party Decorations 

Amazing kids party
Amazing kids party decorations

The decorations may include balloons, crepe streamers, banners, buntings, paper lanterns, tissue pom poms, etc. If you are planning on a particular theme that may be inspired by famous cartoon characters, you can obtain decorations with colors that match the theme. There are a few online stores that allow you to place customized orders on the kind of decorations you want. These stores perform the tasks with perfection and deliver it to your doorstep.

Event wares

Unless you are equipped with the necessary crockery, you can always opt to purchase wares like plates, paper cups, napkins, tablecloths, etc. These wares can be matched to the theme of the occasion. The kids would love to have food in these wares and enjoy themselves. These wares can be used again for the next gathering, or you can purchase disposable wares.

Serve classic foods, those that are familiar with the kids’ palate. Just stick to the basics for kiddie parties. Nobody goes wrong with cake, ice cream and pizza. You can also go for finger foods, these are so easy to prepare and you can do these a day ahead. Mini sandwiches will do best too. Just be creative with your presentation and the kids will definitely love your mini sandwiches. A cookie cutter will be a big help in your presentation of mini sandwiches such as star-shaped or heart-shaped sandwiches. The same goes with your pizza.

Small meals can also be served but make it simple. Just be aware of the food allergies your guests have. It is best to talk with the parents before dropping off or you can call in advance to know the food intolerance and allergens of the kids. To be safe, avoid anything with nuts, and yes peanut butter is one good example. Do avoid peanut butter sandwiches. The kids can make their own pizza toppings and can decorate their own cupcakes. This means you are saved from more food preparation, you already have at least one party activity that is for the pizza toppings and cupcake decorating, and finally, the kids can bring home some pizzas and cupcakes they have made…a good party favor with that!


15 Essentials for an Amazing Kids Party 3When it is a gathering that involves kids, it is compulsory for you to make arrangements for them to have fun. They tend to get bored easily and thus having games that involve everyone would keep them engaged and entertained. The games where one would have to compete against each other to win prizes are common, and you can easily obtain such game supplies from a local store of an online store that deals with similar wares.
The most important thing is, keeping the kids busy during the party. Having plenty of activities and having fun with games and craft works, is one great stage among the Top 15 essentials for an amazing kids party

Party Favors

Children who attend birthday parties often expect little gifts to take home. You can design customized bags where you can add toys, stationery, stickers, balloon packets and several other little presents that the kids would adore. You do not need to spend a lot of money for the party favors. The presents need not be expensive but should be attractive to look at.

Opening of Gifts Can Wait!

It would be unethical to open gifts during the party. This plays an important role in a child’s etiquette. So, just to avoid hurt feelings, toys misplaced and kids arguing over toys, keep the opening of gifts as soon as the guests are gone.

Photographs and Video

This is equally important among the Top 15 essentials for an amazing kids party. All the fun and excitement, the drama and expressions should be documented. This will serve as a memento of a lifetime.

Thank You Cards

Again, being polite and appreciative to your guests for coming over to grace your party can be conveyed even in just a small piece of a thank you card.



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