Is it okay to have alcohol drinks in a kids party?

Proper guidance is needed so as not to mislead the kids regarding the intake of alcoholic drinks. Long before your kids are presented with a chance to drink alcohol, you can increase the chances that they will just have to say “NO”.

As parents, you may not like to think about it, but the truth is that there are kids as early as on the fifth and sixth-grade level, try alcohol on occasions such as birthday parties, school break, summer camp, or even just hanging out on a weekend. Experimentation with alcohol at an early age happens due to curiosity, and this is not legal. You may or may not agree with me but I strongly abhor the idea of serving alcohol drinks in a kids party even if the alcoholic drinks are intended to be served to adults, parents and guardians. Yes, for most parents, it is not okay to have alcohol drinks in a kids party.

Childhood is a time of learning and discovery

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Refreshing layered drinks

Although three and four year olds are not ready to learn the facts about alcohol, they start to develop the decision-making and problem-solving skills which they will eventually need as they grow. So it is important to encourage kids to ask questions, even the kind of questions we adults sometimes find it so difficult to answer. Open, honest and age appropriate communication will clear the way to some difficult topics or problems.

Alternative drinks…non-alcoholic drinks.What is the point on insisting alcoholic drinks in a kids party? You got so many alternative – – refreshing, good, healthy drinks for your kid’s party. Being a health conscious mom, you can create and come up with a lot of ideas on what drinks or beverages you want your kids and their guests have.There are so many tips over the web on how to mix drinks for the kids.

  • Glow in the dark lemonade
  • Magical color changing juice
  • Frozen hot chocolate
  • Lemonade on the rocks

Aside from the refreshing taste, it will look so well if presented in a unique way. And you will actually see how the faces of your kids glow with awe. That is what we call the power of fun beverage presentation.

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decorative watermelon drinks

In the level of your kids’ age, explain why alcohol is not good and they cannot have alcohol in his party. Drinking alcohol is dangerous for kids, for teens and sometimes even for adults. It is totally wrong to have them served in a kid’s party. What you see in the commercials on TV that makes drinking alcohol looks cool and like a lot of fun, is not true. Alcohol changes the person’s ability to think sanely, to speak clearly and to move and walk properly.

  • When a person gets drunk, he might say or do things he does not mean.
  • There will be a tendency that they hurt themselves or the people around them.
  • Too much alcohol intake will lead to alcohol poisoning.
  • Alcohol is hazardous to your health and eventually can damage your liver.

Teach your child how to say no to alcohol. It really is very tempting to try alcohol, especially among peers. It is normal for every growing up kid to be curious to try new things especially if it seems like everybody around is doing it. But you are wrong. Not everyone drinks alcohol. Do not believe if your friend says you do not belong to the group if you do not drink. Well, so be it. Be strong and smart to avoid this kind of friends.

A majority percentage of kids are pretty smart about the dangers of alcohol, they possibly know that it is risky for kids to drink alcohol because

  • it can make them sick like making them throw-up, pass out or even worse
  • it can hamper their ability to make good decisions
  • it can make them do embarrassing things
  • it can get them into trouble
  • it can be addictive and may start needing alcohol to feel good.

Parents and adults at home should set a good example

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Pink lemonade is the best party drinks for your kids themes party

It is the parents’ primary obligation to educate their kids at home. As commonly said, “Education starts at home”, is really true.

Parents should be a good role model to their children. Do not offer alcoholic drinks in your kids parties.

  • Educate yourselves about alcohol so that you can be a better teacher and can explain clearly to your children the effect of alcohol to a person’s health and how it endangers his life.
  • Help build your child’s self-esteem. Because nowadays, kids are more likely to feel good about themselves if you as a parent emphasize their strengths and positively support healthy living.
  • Teach your kids to manage stress in healthy ways such as by seeking help from a trusted adult or engaging in sports and his favorite activity.
  • Teach your kids that alcohol is meant to enhance life experiences and not to cloud them.
  • Let your kids observe on others (alcohol drinker people), what you would want your kids will not suppose do. Seeing the worst of what alcohol can inflict, and instead of avoiding it out of fear, try to understand its strength and be stronger.

Reasons why some kids try alcohol

Some kids try alcohol because they have problems, they are confused and they have no one to turn and talk to about the negativity that is bothering them. These kids needs caring and understanding adults to help them solve and overcome their problems in a much healthier way.

Drinking alcohol damages the person’s brain and is a great hazard to his health. Caring adults should teach these kids how to give and receive respect, how to take better care of themselves and make better choices and decisions.

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Fun drinks for your halloween themed party

Kids might start drinking alcohol because it makes them feel good at first or like they can escape from their problems for a while. But then, it makes them feel sick and bad afterwards. And the problems are still there, never solved.As per survey, here are top three reasons kids gave when asked why they try alcohol:

  •  to look cool
  •  to see what it is like
  • because other kids are doing it too

All kids wants to be cool.But survey says, not all kids would want to drink alcohol just to look cool. They don’t believe that drinking alcohol makes a person cooler. A few kids think and seem to believe otherwise.

Other kids might act as if drinking alcohol makes a person grown-up or say that a kid who refuses to use alcohol is uncool or immature. Some kids said that having other fun things to do was a good way to prevent underage drinking. Even more kids had a really good thought on how to prevent drinking. They said kids should learn more about the dangers of alcohol from medical practitioners, through their lessons at school, and by talking with people who have had alcohol problems but surpassed it.

That’s smart because the more kids know about alcohol, how it affects people, and the dangers of underage drinking, the better they can be at making good decisions about their own behavior. And that — unlike drinking alcohol — is truly cool. This explain why there are a lot more reasons not to say that it is okay to have alcohol drinks in a kids party.


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