In any occasion or celebration, there is a sort of crowd mentality and a diffusion of individual responsibility. The noise, the crowd, and the stress have all the makings of an explosion. Birthday parties are really emotional situations, mix feelings of excitement, frustration and provocation. You have to think and plan out some strategies on how to avoid adult fights in .

The problem arises when you have a bunch of adults acting like juveniles. You have to put into consideration how the kids would feel and react on the scene of a surprising amount of disorderly conduct and battery among grown-ups.

Fist-fight among adults usually happen in a kids’ party

Adult Fights in Kids Party
Kids are enjoying the party together with their guardian

People can bring unseen stresses to a child’s party, especially if parents with limited income have spent money to celebrate their little one’s special day. Generally, you are less patient if you are overloaded with stress. Just to prove and show-off how good a parent you are by throwing a party for your child, yet you have few resources and meagre income, then this is really stressful. Added to stress, even the happiest occasion can turn sour when it gets too noisy and too crowded.

Kids fighting, parents wrongly intervene. In a kiddie party, chances are, kids will fight over a toy, there are some parents who will not listen and do not know how to meddle and settle the problem of the kids. Instead of pacifying the scene, they themselves argue on who is right and who is wrong. Then an explosion of anger gets in the scene.

Alcohol served. In a kiddie party, you must not serve alcoholic drinks so that debate and arguments among adult will be avoided. Topics on politics, sports and business may often cause debates and arguments among adult guests. Alcohol loosens the tongue and quickens one’s temper, and self-control is no longer at hand. So, you better delete alcoholic drinks in your menu list. Instead, you can serve refreshing, good, healthy drinks, as an alternative to alcohol for your kid’s party.

8 Tips to Avoid Adult Fights in

Adult Fights in Kids Party
The celebrant is enjoying his party with friends

Since you are gathering people who do not know one another personally, anticipate at least some awkward exchange of words, intentionally or not. As a host, despite your efforts, you cannot be sure that all adult guests will be entertained in the duration of your child’s party. You must plan and structure your party precisely to grease the socialization among adults, and make the party so much fun not only for the kids but also for the adults.

Here’s how:

  • allocate space for the grown-ups.
  • provide adult food.
  • no alcoholic drinks please.
  • give tasks to your guests.
  • create an all-ages playlist.
  • hire a sitter.
  • stage a game for both kid and parent.
  • keep the party short.

Allocate space for the grown-ups

Do not make the adults share seats with their kids, or just let them cling unto a small countertop just to set their cake plate down. Give the grown-ups their own space detached from the children’s area but still within sight. That way, they can still peek on their kids playing Simon says or charade. A space accessible to the kid’s area so that they can readily get inside to pacify in case the kids pick up a fight.

Provide adult food

This does not necessarily mean that you have to spend extra bucks for adult food. Make it simple and adult-like than what you give the kids. It should not be extravagant. Offer a bit of appetizer such as antipasto skewers, fried onion rings, nuts, and chips with a variety of dips and a pizza with toppings the kids do not like but definitely the adults do.

8 Tips to Avoid Adult Fights in Kids Party 1
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No alcoholic drinks Please

Other than alcohol drinks in a kids party, you can offer your adult guests a variety of thirst-quenching drinks like cucumber-and-mint infused water, blood orange lemonade, passion fruit juice, cranberries, sliced oranges and kiwi. You can also provide unlimited tea and coffee, tired parents will absolutely appreciate.

Give tasks to your guests

At any time you throw a party, your guests will usually offer a hand. They are just being polite you know that, so you just have to thank them and tell them to enjoy the party.

But if one or two guests insists, accept the offer cheerfully. Having an easy task helps the boring stretches go away faster and gives them a great excuse to escape awkward conversations. Tasks such as keeping the beverage station stocked, cutting and serving cake, or a simple task of gathering the scattered pieces of trash. Figure out your needs in advance so you can readily assign the task on the dot.

Create an all-ages playlist

Music makes the party alive, lifting the mood of the occasion so long as you play the right music background. If you play the looney tunes or any Disney soundtrack, you will drive your adult guests crazy. You already know that other parents have this kind of music in their homes. Well, choose music that all ages can groove to. Make a playlist of songs from the Beatles, Bob Marley, Billy Joel, and the Beach Boys. Or you can choose a Pandora station like Acoustic classic, Motown, or family road trip.

 Hire a sitter

If you have one or two trustworthy sitters who love your kids and would like to have some extra cash, why not hire them to give you a hand. Assign them specific child-focused tasks such as face-painting, storybook reading, or bouncy castle patrolling. This will allow the moms and dads to take a break from their youngsters and give themselves a chance to chat with other guests.

8 Tips to Avoid Adult Fights in Kids Party 2
Kids are enjoying the party cake

 Stage a game for both kids and parents

Instead of creating an activity for kids only, why not plan a big game of scavengers hunt, tug-of-war, and charade that involves the adults too. Getting physical will let the little ones burn through their sugar highs and help the grown-ups mingle more. Just be sure to note this down in the party invitation so that the grown-ups will know to expect it and can prepare an appropriate attire for the activities.

Keep the party short

Most kids have a short span of attention. Maximum of two hours is more than enough for kids. So, when planning your party agenda, you have to make sure that everything can fit into an age-appropriate time frame. Between greeting and settling in guests, getting games going, serving cake, opening presents, and dealing with the inevitable wipe out or wrestling match, there is a ton to pack in, so you must be realistic with your itinerary.

So you want your child’s party to be a blast for them and their friends? Just do not forget about all the adults on the guest list. No alcoholic drinks to be served on them will be the magic word. You might delight in watching your kid open his gifts, after gift, after gift… but odds are your neighbour, your chess buddy, and the other kids’ parents will be counting down the minutes until it is over.

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