Activities at Trampoline Park
Trampoline Park

Kids demand a lot. They are very hard to please. That is why parents often feel confused about where to take them for a weekend outing. Well, the real fun nowadays is available only at a trampoline park and you should understand that. Having loads of Activities at a Trampoline Park pack in a lot of unique and energetic games not tried earlier by most children.

So, you should plan the weekend to be at a place where activities are endless for kids. The best part, these parks are fun heaven for kids and adults alike! Their trampoline area tends to be vast enough to accommodate a lot of kids together. Nevertheless, having fun with the kids should be coupled with extra precaution since Activities at a Trampoline Park may cause injuries if not being careful. Adult supervision is a must!

Once inside the park premise, kids can do a lot of jumpy and spongy things to feel happy and have fun. First and foremost, they can experience the excitement of jumping between trampolines. Then next, they can take place in bouncing off the walls even without worry about any consequences to the body. With a helpful surface beneath, one can feel tempted to fly through the air or engage in some daring variety of aerial act not done before. While playing battle beam, kids can try to push the opponent off into a big foam pit and feel fun.

Activities at a Trampoline Park
Children are enjoying playing at the trampoline park

Further, gymnastic moves can be practised with ease, or one can just feel the pleasure that comes from running down the track. Visitors can expect a massive pit filled with soft foam cubes to give them gentle touch when they dare and fly through the air to land on to it. Such landings are so safe and secure that you might repeat the act over and again for sure.

For the less adventurous lot, there is rope swing to enjoy and practice some easy swinging moves with a soft nice landing. What’s more, these parks are also good when you love sports like basketball.

Top parks have facilities for visitors to work on their dunking skills and learn a trick or two in the game of basketball. Most of them even allow the opportunity to play the game of dodgeball, score points, display solid defending moves and dodge the ball fearlessly. And is also a nice spacious venue for a Halloween themed party to flaunt your Halloween Party Ideas.

Further, these places are great for kids aged 1-5 as they can jump and play in a specific area inside the park. Visitors can enjoy a great selection of foods and beverage options (only non-alcoholic though). What’s more, you can also get meals and healthy snacks and fight off any sign of tiredness with ease.

Apart from fun activities, these parks are also used a lot these days for party purposes. You can take your next special event there and make the occasion even more special. Birthday parties at a trampoline park are a big hit among kids and parents alike, and even group events do take place regularly.

In overall, when it comes to activities for kids, you should not think twice and head straight to a park where trampolines are available. This is how guaranteed the Activities at a Trampoline Park is for the whole family.

One important issue to take note of is: Trampolines are blamable for many injuries. Hence common sense and adult supervision should be taken with all of the Activities at a Trampoline Park.

As a parent, you know your child’s skill level and ability best and can determine if they are ready for trampoline activities. Listed below are some classic trampoline games. But the kids can always invent games on their own, as they wish, as they please but of course with proper guidance.

For those of you who have children with sensory issues or SPD (sensory processing disorder), it may be worthwhile to note that some of these games are examples of proprioceptive sensory play.

Top 12 Activities at a Trampoline Park

1. 1-2-3

Activities at Trampoline Park
Children and their parent are playing pass the ball

This is a fun game that any 12-year-old loves. One person jumps 3 times and the other person counts out loud (1-2-3) as they jump. Once “3” has been called, and the jumper is on the way down to land, a movement is quickly called out. “Knees!” or “Seat!” or anything at all. The jumper has to try to land in that correct position.

2. Chalk games

Use some chalk to draw squiggly lines to follow, letters to match, numbers to jump, a hop scotch, an obstacle course … anything fun under the sun!

3. Sleeping Bunnies

This little trampoline game is perfect for toddlers and young children. Little ones pretend to sleep on the trampoline as you sing, “See the little bunnies sleeping ’til its nearly noon, and come let us wake them with a merry tune. Oh, how still, are they ill? (Pause, and then when the next line sings the little ones wake up and jump) Wake up little bunnies and hop, hop, hop, wake up little bunnies and hop, hop, and stop.” And then prepare to repeat for the rest of the day.

4. Sprinkler fun

Kids love getting their bathing suits on and jumping in the rain. The water makes the trampoline bouncier. This can also be achieved by putting a sprinkler under the trampoline for some splashy, cool fun. Though the trampoline does get slippery, so be careful.

5. Balloons on the trampoline

Activities at Trampoline Park
Balloons at the trampoline park

This one is so much fun for kids, in as much great as for a birthday party too. Popping up balloons is really fun! Rubberized sole socks are the best party favor you can give your guests if you are celebrating a birthday party and having awesome fun with various Activities at a Trampoline Park.

6. Cow

One person is in the middle of the trampoline on his hands and knees with his eyes closed. They have to crawl around and try to touch the other people on the trampoline. When the cow touches someone, they trade places.

7. Bum Wars

There is no trampoline game more classic than bum wars! The idea of this is that the last one standing is declared the winner! You need at least 2 players but can be played with more. Each player jumps a few times to warm up and then when agreed, they each drop down to their bums and then jump back up, landing on their feet. Each player is only allowed one bum bounce and one-foot bounce. If they do double of either, they are out. The game is more challenging if there are adults and children playing because of weight differences.

8. Velodome

An invented game by some wild imagination of young kids. This game can only be played on a trampoline with a net. One player is chosen to be “it”. Everyone, including that player, places their outside hand on the net. This hand must stay on the net at all times. In this version of tag, players run around the outside of the trampoline as fast as they can, with their outside hand on the net.

The player who is “it” attempts to tag the other players. Once tagged, they are out and can sit in the middle of the trampoline or as a safer alternative, can exit the trampoline entirely! But once those players who are out of this game already made an exit, be sure to prepare another game for them so they will not feel bored or out of place.

9. Popcorn

Activities at Trampoline Park
Dodgeball activity at the trampoline park

A little bit of “crack the egg game”. This one is a daily occurrence around here. Someone sits in the middle of the trampoline with his knees tucked into his chest and his arms wrapped around his knees. The other person jumps, trying to “pop” the popcorn. The popcorn person has popped when he is no longer upright.

10. Rock, Paper, Scissors, trampoline-style

The classic game but using your whole body on the trampoline. Rock is landing on your hands and knees, a paper is landing flat, and scissors is landing as a seat drop. This is one classic game that is so much fun to play among the tons of Activities at a Trampoline Park that young kids absolutely love!

11. Crack the Egg

Crack the Egg, also known as Pop the Popcorn, is an exciting game for little ones to play. Pick one kid to start preferably the birthday boy or girl, as the egg. Have them sit in the middle of the trampoline with their legs tucked into their chest and their arms wrapped tightly around them. All the other children should stand in a circle around them, giggling and bouncing. When you shout “Crack the Egg!” all the children should begin jumping to make the egg bounce.

The egg will pop around the trampoline trying to hold tight and eventually lose their balance and break the hold on their tucked in limbs and begin flailing about, laughing.Make sure that the children will be careful when they bounce around the egg, not to get too close, we wouldn’t want to break the egg, because “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t be able to put them back together again”. When the egg cracks, have them hop up and tag someone to be the egg next.

This kind of Activities at a Trampoline Park will keep the children entertained as long as it takes each kid to attempt being the egg twice. I highly recommend bouncing next to the children to make sure they follow the rules and play safely. If the kids have exhausted the fun offered by cracking the eggs and they still have reserve energy in their tanks, next you can try the poison ball.

12. Poison Ball

You cannot possibly pretend that the trampoline surface is hot lava because the kids have to touch the jumping service to effectively jump. Take the alternative of having fun by pretending something else is a poison. One best idea is to use medium-sized squishy balls you might use to play dodgeball, stuffed animals or wadded up wrapping paper. Place four to five poison balls in the middle of the trampoline and have all the kids make a still circle around them.

On your command, “Poison!” the children should begin jumping around, trying not to get hit by a poison ball. If they do, they are out! How you handle being out is up to you. Traditionally, the game is played that any child who is out should leave the jumping surface until the last kid bouncing is declared the winner. However, with a large group of children, it could make the children who are out, lose interest quickly.

Another alternative is to make the children who got hit with the poison balls to plop down and sit where they are, creating obstacles for the remaining jumpers. Make sure this is always supervised by an adult to lessen the possibility for injury.

There you have it! Although we have tons of Activities at a Trampoline Park, we have listed the top 12 awesome activities at a Trampoline Park that your kids will definitely enjoy. Have fun and play safely everyone!



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