8 Easy Steps To Diaper Change
8 Easy Steps To Diaper Change

Once you become a new mom, you will soon realize that anything that saves you time, lesser mess around and absolutely easiest way to properly perform the diaper change are worth the try. This life hacks for new mothers, without any experience into diaper change yet will surely give you a headstart to what you must expect, what you must do and how to do it properly like a pro. Add those tips to make it easy for you as well.

What are the things you need to prepare for an easy diaper change with your little one? Will diaper change be really challenging once they start moving around? Where and when must you work with diaper change for your little one? Which is better, diaper cloth or disposable diapers?

Everything You Need To Know About Diaper Change

8 Easy Steps To Diaper Change
8 Easy Steps To Diaper Change

For first time moms, or parents, diaper change may seem like a big challenge, especially on how they will do it properly with a newborn baby. You have never really changed diapers in your entire life or if you haven’t then it is totally different. However, having a first-hand experience with diaper change is a great benefit.

You don’t really need to worry much as you will be doing it more often than you can ever imagine, especially during the first week after delivery. You might even be surprised that in less than a week you are already a professional diaper changing machine, err, mommy.

The best thing for you to find the right fit when it comes to diaper change for your newborn baby is to prepare all the materials that you will need in changing. This will not only save you time but will also save you from any disaster that it may happen with the dirty diaper.

But how do you know when it’s time to change the diaper of your little one? In the first few weeks after delivery, you are expecting to change diapers more often as how your little baby is fed. Look at it on the brighter side as it will give you enough time to practice changing diapers for the whole day.

8 Easy Steps To Diaper Change
8 Easy Steps To Diaper Change

There are different ways on how you can check if the diaper needs to be changed. But the best part is always checking from time to time and don’t just rely on whether you smell something poopy or not. Soiled diapers must be changed as well. You can also check-in between the legs if the diaper is full or dirty, this will also prevent any possible diaper rash for your little one.

Essential Materials For Diaper Change

Help you along with the proper ways on how to do diaper change properly is by preparing the essential materials that you will need. This will not only save you time but will also help you change diaper faster than you can even think of. Having the essential materials next to you is beneficial not only for you but for your little one.

One of the things you must remember is to never leave your little baby unattended. Regardless of how you think or know that they are safe on a changing place is never an excuse for you to leave them even for a blink of an eye. Any sudden movement from your little one will cause a lifetime injury. That is why it is best to compare everything that you need beforehand you just cater and focus on your baby while you’re changing their nappy.

There are different ways on how you can set up a diaper changing station which is totally safe for your little baby. If setting up a changing station may seem a challenge, then you can just prepare a diaper changing bag with all the essential materials needed for every diaper change. To help you along with the proper ways on how you can change the diaper of your little one, then you can follow these easy steps;

8 Easy Steps To Diaper Change
8 Easy Steps To Diaper Change
  •  Always be your baby on a flat clean surface on their back. You can remove the clothes of your baby or anything that might hinder you from accessing the diaper area. During the first week of your baby, most mothers preferred rompers as this gives them easy access and diaper change will not be a challenge.
  • You can now remove the dirty diaper. If you are using disposable diapers and open it to clean the diaper region of your baby. The process is the same if you are using cloth diapers.
  • Be gentle when you are lifting your baby to remove the diaper on their back or bottom.
  • You can use a sensitive wipe to clean the bottom of your baby coming from front to back, especially if your little one is a girl, as this may cause infection if you didn’t do it properly. If you are not into using baby wipes then you can also prepare lukewarm water with cotton to clean your baby’s bottom. An unclean bottom may cause rashes for babies.
  • If you see any visible marks or redness on your baby’s photo then it is ideal to put any rash ointment to soothe them. Never scrub your baby’s bottom as this may cause diaper rash because of their sensitive skin.
  • Allow the air to breathe over your baby’s bottom before putting a new diaper or cloth diaper and make sure that the bottom is completely dry.
  • Once the skin is dry then you can wear a new diaper for your little one.
  • If there are any possible leaks on the clothing of your little baby then you have to change as well.

If you notice that there is diaper rash on your little one and that they are not getting better, then it is best to always bring them to your doctor for advice and medication. Remember that diaper rashes are painful for a newborn baby. This causes them an uncomfortable feeling.

8 Easy Steps To Diaper Change
8 Easy Steps To Diaper Change

Cloth Diaper Or Disposable Diapers: Which One Is better?

If you will be checking which one is better between disposable diapers or cloth diapers then they are both good to the baby. There are some babies who are better off with cloth diapers and some are comfortable with disposable diapers. The only key difference between them aside from the price is their breathable level and absorbency level.

Disposable diapers are known for their breathable characteristics with absorbent moisture locked capacity may sometimes irritate the newborn baby’s bottom. The cloth-like feel and soft texture of cloth diaper are essential for a newborn baby sensitive skin. But with overall preference, it is still how the baby’s skin reacts whether they are using cloth diapers or disposable diapers. As long as it is changing more often than needed and it is not causing any uncomfortable issues then they are considered the best option.

What To Expect With Changing Diaper For Standing Or On-The-Go Baby

8 Easy Steps To Diaper Change
8 Easy Steps To Diaper Change

Once your little baby starts moving more than just laying down and can even roll over then changing diapers will be a struggle for mothers. So what do you expect with changing diaper for on-the-go babies? This is where your creativity strikes on how you can make them stay still and entertained while you are doing the job of cleaning their nappy. There are a variety of options to choose from if you are having a challenge to diaper change. There are diaper pants that you can choose from aside from disposable diapers and cloth-like diapers.


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