A week old baby -7 Noticeable Baby's Development In First Week
A week old baby - 7 Noticeable Baby's Development In First Week

As a new mother, celebrating baby’s development comes from every milestone that they have. Knowing all the different factors that affect each baby’s development from birth to one year is essential. You might be surprised to know how each week, your baby can do a lot of things, and their development comes in phase, week by week.

What are the things you must expect for your baby’s development during the first week? Will you be able to see each sign that your baby shows for every milestone that they have, especially after birth? What do you expect your child to do during the first week after they are born?

Celebrating Baby’s Development In First Week

A week old baby - 7 Noticeable Baby's Development In First Week
A week-old baby -7 Noticeable Baby’s Development In First Week

As a new mom to your baby, it is essential to know your baby’s development during the first week to know and understand what they are capable of. Having a great overview of your baby’s development is an advantage to celebrate them too. We have listed down a complete breakdown of the things to expect with your newborn baby.

So how do you enjoy these characteristics of your week old newborn baby, aside from their unique scent that only newborn has? They are a great work of love, from head to toe, and a dynamic blessing to every mothers and parent.

Things To Expect Of Your Baby’s Development In First Week After They Are Born

As a newborn baby, one of the first things that you can do is to lift their petite head for a while when you lay them on their tummy. It may just be a brief moment but it is a great milestone for them. And it is essential to celebrate this baby’s development.

Another achievement for a newborn baby is how they can look at the things and faces close to them for up to 15 inches. That is more than enough if you are breastfeeding your baby to see your face and marvel at your beauty. This is also beneficial and a great way for them to recognize you with more interaction, aside from your scent and warmth.

Newborn baby sleeps most of the time - 7 Noticeable Baby's Development: First Week
Newborn baby sleeps most of the time -7 Noticeable Baby’s Development In First Week

On the other hand, the surprising development of your baby for the first week is how they respond easily and use their reflexes for this short period of time. You can easily notice this when you stroke your finger to their cheeks and they move to that direction. This type of reflexes allows the newborn baby to easily locate where they can find the source of their food, either they are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Baby is born with the talent of sucking either the breast or the bottle, which allows them to get the right nutrients they need for them to grow properly.

Don’t be surprised if your baby will love to sleep during the first week after they are born, they will be fed and sleep and that routine will last for a couple of weeks to months for them to grow properly. You can also take advantage of this behavior for you to rest when your baby is sleeping. That will help you, as a new mom, to cope and regain the energy that you lost during delivery, taking care of your baby and avoid getting tiresome as well.

Things Your Baby Can Do During The First Week
When your baby is on their first week after born they usually are;

  • Sleepy which allows them to just sleep after feeding
  • Get fed in between two to three hours
  • Needs more comfort and skin to skin contact with their mommy or daddy
  • Be cleaned up after each dirty diaper session
  • Move their head for a while when they lay on their tummy
  • Can see and stare at close objects for up to 15 inches, enough to gaze at your face when feeding, either by the bottle or through breastfeeding
  • Use their reflexes for sucking milk when you stroke their cheeks for feeding
Newborn baby - 7 Noticeable Baby's Development: First Week
Newborn baby -7 Noticeable Baby’s Development In First Week

During the first week, your baby’s development might affect their weight. If your newborn baby loses a few weight against their birth weight. That is totally normal if it is just a maximum of 10 percent from their birth weight. Most breastfed babies will go into this phase but will gain after a few weeks after birth.


On the other hand, those that are formula-fed babies will have a noticeable increase in weight after the succeeding weeks to follow. This is totally normal and you do not need to panic, trust your instinct and you will know when your baby is doing great, day by day.

Schedule For Your Baby’s Development In First Week

While you are in the hospital, your baby will have a few scheduled to follow for their health check-ups and shots or vaccinations. They will also have the newborn screening test through a blood sample that will get on their heel. Newborn screening test usually consists of at least 34 test for different metabolic disorder for your newborn baby.

It is essential that your baby must undergo this test, including the Hepatitis B, shot on the first week of their life. After your child is born, they are usually administered with Vitamin k that is essential for your baby. The Vitamin K allows blood clotting ability for newborn baby which is given after six hours when they are born. It is essential for the baby to have this shot for their blood to clot and avoid deficiency.

First Week For New Moms

One week old baby - 7 Noticeable Baby's Development: First Week
One week old baby -7 Noticeable Baby’s Development In First Week

Taking care of yourself is an essential factor for your baby’s development during their first week. And getting the right nutrients both for you and your baby is essential. Sleeping while your baby is resting is also a must for new moms, no maybe’s or regardless of how much house chores are you trying to think of finishing. Please do not force yourself to do everything all at once. You are also on the healing process during this time.

Do not stress yourself with unwanted and unnecessary thoughts about your baby’s development in the first week and health issue. When it comes to your baby’s weight during the first week, it is normal for them to have a few decreases in weight when compared to their birth weight. The nutrients, your body weight, genetics, the gender of your baby, and culture or race also has a great factor for your newborn baby’s weight.

Baby’s Hair
For the first week after giving birth, most of the hair that your baby has will likely to be replaced with their real hair as time goes by.

Jaundice Baby
Though it is not a serious illness and can be prevented by new moms for their babies. The best way to check this is by a gentle press on your baby’s forehead and face. If you can notice the yellowing of your baby’s skin, the ideal way for them is to have good sunlight in the early morning. It can take a few weeks but most newborn babies were required to be outside in the sun for 20 to 30 minutes. This will be a great way to let you and your baby feel the warmth of the sun in the morning.

You can also check with your pediatrician on ways to relieve jaundice for newborn babies. They know what to do and will give you helpful advice. Don’t hesitate to ask for anything during this period of time.


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