Things that scare you aas a mom - 6 Things That Scare New Moms
Things that scare you as a mommy - 6 Things That Scare New Moms

Believe it or not, there are a lot of to do on their own, even if they have been equipped with the right knowledge. Applying all those advice when you are alone with taking care of your newborn baby may seem like detonating an atomic bomb, literally. Though you may have all the step by step process on your mind, still these will just pop upright when you are about to do something, and we have solutions on how you can overcome all these doubts and help you be confident from within.

What are the when they are with their little one, along with them? How can you help someone overcome all the things that scare new moms or yourself? What is the best advice you can give new moms to be cool and relax to avoid being depressed with all the things that scare new moms nowadays?

All The Things That Scare New Moms And How To Overcome Them

Being a new mom and all these new routines to learn are some of the things that scare new moms to the core. Especially after getting back home after delivery, along with your newborn while everyone seems to be doing their ‘normal’ routine. You are there with an adorable newborn baby, in complete dependence of you. What a lovely sight to look at, right? Then suddenly, they just woke up and crying inconsolably, and yes, you need to comfort your baby but how? Or will you able to give them properly?

Well, stop right there mom, you need to take a deep breath and stay composed. You are wonderful and you can do it. One of the things that scare new moms is not doing it right when you actually can do that excellent and perfect.

Things that scare you aas a mom - 6 Things That Scare New Moms
Things that scare you as a mommy – 6 Things That Scare New Moms

Though there are no manuals on how to do things right instantly, especially with . Experience is what will make you the best version of you. There are things that scare new moms but there are a lot of things that will help you overcome all of that, little by little until you gain your confidence once again. And guess what, your baby will tell you you are doing great, and that is all that matters at the moment.

Even though to keep you on hand with all the things that scare new moms and you at some point, we will help you get along that part to enjoy this one of a kind, yet life-changing experience with your baby.

You Are Doing Great Mom! No Need To Be Scared!

There are different things that scare new moms when it comes to . Especially for first-time mothers out there, things may seem really scary at first, but as you do it often that you could ever think of, you will soon be the professional mom you thought you were real, quick!

Help yourself and embrace every experience, it will really teach you a lot, including how to properly carry your little one around, with one hand, or with you while doing almost everything!

Cleaning The Umbilical Cord

You might say it is easy, but yes, it is really scary for first-time moms, it will probably be one of the things that scare new moms is to clean that certain area, by themselves, every time. But the good thing is, you will get used to it and you can do that in no time, Rest assured that it will not open when you accidentally scrub it with extra force. I’ve been there before, it really scared me to the bones by just thinking of unwanted thought!

Mom and baby - 6 Things That Scare New Moms
Mom and baby – 6 Things That Scare New Moms

That is one key secret, don’t think negative. When things suddenly felt like you are ‘attracting negative thoughts’, pause, shake and think you can.

It will eventually get dried by itself and let not the diaper touch it more often to heal quickly. Avoid giving your newborn baby a bath in the tub while the cord is still intact. Once it falls, you can have more than a sponge bath for your baby.

Carrying Your Baby The Proper Way

Nothing is scarier than carrying your newborn baby for the first time, without help from anyone. Picking up your baby when they woke up, by yourself, maybe one of the things that scare new moms for the first day being with their baby. It is not as if you might break their fragile body but newborn babies are really so delicate, so soft, so fragile, and yes, quite scary to carry.

In the event that you have to go up or down the staircase and this is not convenient for you, try setting up an area downstairs. This will also help you feel better and more confident to walk your baby around the house. If you think that you might slip while holding your newborn baby, then make sure there are no possible cause of you slipping. No objects to step on, clear the path always and try walking as slowly and surely as possible.

Cleaning the umbilical cord - 6 Things That Scare New Moms
Cleaning the umbilical cord – 6 Things That Scare New Moms

Scared that you might drop your baby? When you are not feeling well, don’t attempt to carry your baby, ask for help, for everything. Because you do not need to do things all by yourself, especially after delivery.

Cleaning The Circumcised Baby

It really is one of the things that scare new moms on how to care with their little lad having pain with circumcision. The best way to do so is to not really touch their genitals and make sure that it will not be rub too much with the diaper. Applying a cream that your pediatrician advice or prescribe is better and always follow instructions from experts as well. It will be healed in a couple of weeks.

Traveling With Baby

If you are having sort of thought about driving with your little one and not really confident yet about it, take it easy and bring someone. Having someone to look after your little one while hitting the road will give you peace of mind. You can also have your husband drive you around to places you wanted to take your baby with. That way you can stay focused with them all the time.

Trimming Those Tiny Nails

Mommy caring for baby - 6 Things That Scare New Moms
Mommy caring for a baby – 6 Things That Scare New Moms

Probably one of the things that scare new moms is how to cut or trim those tiny nails off. Without cutting their little baby’s fingers off, or seeing blood dripping those tiny fingers afterward. The thing is, you have to wait for some time until you can cut the nails of your baby. That can take a couple of weeks maximum after delivery.

If you happen to accidentally cut off a little skin and it bleeds, hold still and add a little pressure on the cut until it stops bleeding. Eventually, that small cut will be healed by itself real quick. Make sure you are calm and not shaking when cutting your baby’s nails, better yet, just use a nail file first to trim off sharp nails.

Giving Your Baby A Bath

What if your baby accidentally slips through the water while you are giving her a bath? Hush, don’t panic, pick up your baby as soon as possible and make sure that they didn’t have swallowed water. Monitor them or if you are really worried, you can take them to the nearest hospital.

The best thing about being a mom is not just the things that scare new moms but also the events that make you a better version of yourself. It will not come easily but you have to enjoy and learn every time with your baby. Ask for help if you are not sure and ask more advice on what to do, trust your instinct when it comes to your baby and knows when to ask for a little bit more help when needed. Your baby is fragile and vulnerable as you. You both need to help from time to time, and it’s okay to not know everything all at once.


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