6 Factors For Sip And See Shower Party
6 Factors For Sip And See Shower Party

Ever wonder what does sip and see means? To give you a quick overview, sip and see is a type of baby shower party that is usually organized by the new parents once the baby is delivered to meet family members and close friends. Ideally, you will just go there to have a sip or refreshments and meet the baby. A sip and see is usually done four to six weeks after the delivery of the mother or it still depends on the parents as to when they wanted to organize such a welcoming party.

What are the factors to consider before you organized a sip and see shower party? What is the sip and see etiquette that guests must remember or organizers must keep in mind?

Facts About Sip And See Baby Shower Party

6 Factors For Sip And See Shower Party
6 Factors For Sip And See Shower Party

There are many factors to consider when you are organizing a sip and see shower party for your little one. But before we go along to this process let me give you a head start of what is sip and see all about. There are different traditions wherein they don’t want to celebrate until the baby pops out from the mother’s womb. The sip and see is usually a get-together party with the closest family members and friends that the parents invite after the baby arrived. It is usually done during the later months after the mother gave birth to help her or both parents cope with a new stage of their life as parents.

Sip and see was an old practice in the South where new parents invited most of their closest friends and family members together along and meet the new member of the family. They usually gather over and talk about new experiences with refreshments like tea or coffee. Which later on they are introduced to the new member of the family.

The Important Factors For Sip And See Shower Party

6 Factors For Sip And See Shower Party
6 Factors For Sip And See Shower Party

There are many factors to consider if you wanted to organize a sip and see shower party for your little one. One of that is how comfortable the parents to be to invite people over to meet their new bundle of joy. There are some parents who wish to make it simple and low profile and just invited a few guests.

Another factor is the mother-to-be and the little baby to be safe from any unwanted exposure to people. Remember that newborns have a delicate immune system which is not really ideal to be mingled and surrounded by different people. That is why it is ideal to throw this kind of hearty months after the baby was delivered.

This type of baby shower is one of the easiest to organize and totally depend on the parents’ preference for the number of guests and preparation. You don’t have to prepare any games for your guests if you don’t feel like doing so, just focus on the refreshments or snacks that you will prepare for them. At the end of the day, it is only how they will meet the new member of your family that matters.

Etiquette For Sip And See

6 Factors For Sip And See Shower Party
6 Factors For Sip And See Shower Party

One of the things you have to consider this kind of party is the timing which is convenient for the parents. Having a new baby in the house is quite an overwhelming event especially if it’s a first-born family. That is why this kind of event is usually organized months after the baby has been delivered to give the parents enough time to cope with the new stage of their life.

If you are wondering if you can still throw or organize a sip and see party even if you already had a baby shower party before, then you definitely can. Sip and see is all about welcoming the newborn member of the family and introducing him or her to your closest friends and family members. There is no rush or factors that says you have to make it extravagant like a baby shower. The guest list can be tone down to a minimum number which totally depends on both the parents’ preference. There are no games required to play with and you can even just make it as simple as possible.

However, if you have been invited to this type of shower party for a baby there are just a few things you can take into consideration. If you’ve never organized or done any baby shower party before then you can add on your invitation a list of gift registry if you still prefer to receive some though. The good thing is you don’t need to make a full list of the gift that you wanted and make it simple from diaper cloth or brand of diaper that you prefer and some baby wipes to be exact. You can also ask for some small things like books for the baby and even for the mother.

You don’t really need to bring gifts on this type of shower party. But if you really feel like giving the little one or the mother to be some presents then you definitely can.

6 Factors For Sip And See Shower Party
6 Factors For Sip And See Shower Party

Though it is still considered one of the easiest types of baby shower welcoming party for your little one, you can still try to add extra spice to the event. This is by choosing a theme for your sip and see the party. There are some few things that you can check which can help you decide what you want to do on this certain event. Guests don’t expect too much with this type of shower party as it is only about having a few snacks and just meeting your little baby.

If you haven’t organized this type of event and make it extra special then you can take into consideration the following factors.

  1. The theme that you will be using for your party.
  2. What will be written on your invitation
  3. The food that you’re going to prepare or your menu
  4. Will you be organizing fun games for your guests?
  5. The party favors that you’re going to prepare for your guests
  6. Will you be sending a gift registry?

The theme that you will be using will describe the rest of the factors that you will be preparing for. There are different themes that you can choose from for this type of shower party and one of the most popular ones is the travel theme. This gives you options to choose from different menus that are popular to different parts of the world including drinks or wines for refreshments that you would prepare for the party. As for the invitation, there are a lot of options and decorations to choose from with this travel theme. You can even set up a map on one side of your house and allow your guests to put or choose any country that they think your baby will travel their one day with a personalized note for the baby. One great party favor for travel theme is you can check for the small, handy or portable globe to send as a take-home gift for the guest. If you did not organize any baby shower yet or you’ve never wanted a baby shower, then you can definitely ask for small gifts for your guests like books incorporated with your theme.


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