6 Excellent Baby Shower Invitation Ideas
6 Excellent Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Organizing a baby shower is more than just setting dates but also creating a unique yet super cute baby shower invitation to everyone that you will send with. There are important factors that you need to consider before sending it off the neighborhood and you must be aware of the baby shower etiquette and know what to put in there as well.

What is the information that you need to include with your baby shower invitation and the etiquette that every organizer must know before sending them off? Is it right to include the baby shower registry with the baby shower invitation? When is the right time to prepare and send the baby shower invitation and can you include the gender or name of the baby?

The Secret To An Excellent Baby Shower Invitation Ideas To Help You Out

6 Excellent Baby Shower Invitation Ideas
6 Excellent Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Organizing a baby shower for a close friend, family or relatives is easy if you have a guide and know what to include for a successful party. Knowing when to send the baby shower invitation and what information to include is a key to a successful party. So if you are new to such party, you don’t need to worry because we have a breakdown and give you an overview of the must-have and what have-nots for a unique baby shower party for the parents or moms to be.

First is to know what information should you include for the baby shower invitation, and when should you start organizing. By baby shower invitation etiquette, it is not ideal to include a baby shower registry yet. Make the invitation simple yet unique and lovely.

Knowing The Right Information Needed For Your Baby Shower Invitation

Breaking down the right information on the baby shower invitation is a must and when we said is a must, those include;

  • Date and time of the party
  • The mommy’s name to be or the parent’s name, this varies with how and who you wanted to address the party. However, it is commonly the mommy’s name
  • Include and be specific with the location to where will you spend the baby shower party
  • Must have the RSVP and contact information to whom the guest will send their reservations. The contact information may be the telephone number of the organizer or email address
  • With the parents blessing, you can include the name and gender of the baby. If not, there are a lot of options for a gender-neutral party anyways.
  • If you already set a theme for the party, then you can include that as well.
6 Excellent Baby Shower Invitation Ideas
6 Excellent Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Before you send the baby shower invitation party, it is best to know when should you organize it or how far in advance should you start. To make sure that you are on the right timeline for the perfect baby shower party, it is ideal to have a party when the baby bump is at its seventh month or above. Traditionally, it is four to six weeks before the due date for convenience with the mom-to-be. The preparation and sending off invitations will be around three to four weeks before the date that you have chosen. If you happen to send the invitation earlier, there is a huge tendency that the guest might forget it anyway.

Another thing to consider is the guest list for your baby shower party. The most common and based on tradition are the family, close friends and sometimes acquaintance of the parents or moms-to-be. For best guest list, you can also be asked the moms to be if they wanted to invite anyone, maybe they have some close friends that you didn’t know or have someone in mind that they wanted to include as well.

6 Excellent Baby Shower Invitation Ideas
6 Excellent Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

On the other hand, if you are going to host a baby sprinkle, which literally about the second child now, you can include that in the invitation. Though baby shower is commonly for the firstborn of the family.

Once you have successfully organized the baby shower party and send the invitations to every guest on the list, there are still a few things to prepare. One of that is the right way on how should you address the baby shower invitation and what must be included and not. Always use black and blue inks when you send the invitations and use titles properly especially with the names on the invitations. It is required to address couples as ‘Mr and Mrs’ with their complete names. If you are going to invite a single woman, then address her as ‘Miss” and that also goes to if you do not know the marital status of the lady. When you invite the whole family, then you can address the invitation with ‘The Sample Family’ to know that they are all invited. Once you send the invitation, make sure that you spell out the full address. The return address must always be the address of the party host that organize the baby shower party to keep track of who will come and the RSVPs afterward.

Baby Shower Registry: Do You Need To Include It In Your Invitation?

As per baby shower etiquette, it is not advisable to add any gift registry on the invitation as it may look like you are just fishing gifts instead of fun and enjoyable party for the upcoming baby. Some organizers may make a gift registry or just give a hint of the color that the guest may give. However, there are still baby shower organizers who would just want your presence and it’s up to you what to give or if you’ll give something.

A baby gift registry is not an option for a baby shower and is best to just let the guest choose. The monetary amount is also not an option to expect for the organizer or moms-to-be. If there ever will be a gift registry, try to make it as discreet as possible and just as simple as ever.

6 Excellent Baby Shower Invitation Ideas
6 Excellent Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Regardless of how you wanted the baby shower to be as simple or extravagant, the idea is about showing your excitement for the new baby and sharing the joy that the new parents to be are experiencing. There are many ways on how you can successfully organize a baby shower and the invitation is the first step to doing that. Be certain as to when will you do the party and make sure that it is convenient for the mom-to-be.

If you happen and wanted to organize your very own baby shower, you can. If there are no close friends or relatives to do that for you or you can be asked to organize for you, then you can throw your own baby shower instead. The idea is how you wanted to share the wonderful joy with a few people and have them on that special occasion.

The party is all about a new world for the parents to be and the baby coming to the world.

There are different ways on how you can have a baby shower party or the alternative one for every different tradition as well. There is a sprinkle party for the second baby instead of the baby shower was in if you host a sprinkle party, diaper and wipes are just the common gifts that are sent. There is a “Sip and See” party as well if you wanted to do that.

The baby shower invitation is as easy to send as to how to make because of the innovation and technology. There are a lot of templates that you can use in different websites and customize them. There are also some party sites that do the rest of the work for you.


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