6 Accurate Post-Pregnancy Feelings
6 Accurate Post-Pregnancy Feelings

Ever wonder what are the post-pregnancy feelings that you will encounter after delivery aside from getting excited and scared with and the newborn baby? If you are a first-time mom, then you don’t need to worry as we will help you get along with the process of and postpartum and what to post-pregnancy feelings to expect, like blissful moments to just a complete meltdown.

What are the post-pregnancy feelings that you will encounter as a new mother or a first-time mom? What’s the best thing to do to overcome these feelings? Learn when to seek help when things are not getting right and how to bond with your newborn baby properly?

The Most Accurate And Expected Post-Pregnancy Feelings

6 Accurate Post-Pregnancy Feelings
6 Accurate Post-Pregnancy Feelings

Everyone will tell you about how wonderful it is to be a mother and what to expect after delivery with your newborn baby. However, there are not much of warnings regarding the post-pregnancy feelings that every new mother feels after giving birth. Maybe because they don’t want the mother to worry too much or feel any kind of negative feelings during pregnancy or even after delivery. Surely it is a roller coaster ride I’m a wonderful experience being a mother and these post-pregnancy feelings are more of the joyful side of becoming a new mother.

How To Overcome Post-Pregnancy Feelings

Knowing the different post-pregnancy feelings will help you deal with them properly. That way you will not be shocked on what are the feelings that you will feel after delivery and just enjoy most of the moments with your newborn baby. Surely you will feel excited and joyful as you stare your newborn baby, but there’s more than just being excited after delivery. Let us remind you that all of these post-pregnancy feelings are normal and every new mother experiences them one day over the other days.

6 Accurate Post-Pregnancy Feelings
6 Accurate Post-Pregnancy Feelings

Overwhelming Happiness

You’ll never find the right words to explain how overwhelmingly happy you are with your new baby. If you think that being happy is by just knowing that you will have a baby, you will never know how much happiness a little bunch of joy can bring you once you already saw your newborn baby. There will be times that it will bring you to tears by just simply staring at your little one and that’s completely normal and ok.

You will even be amazed by the joy that it can bring you with even the silliest and the simplest things that your newborn baby can do. Regardless of the tiresome days and the sleepless nights that you experienced during the first weeks and months. This will all be worth it as long as your little baby is peacefully sleeping next to you. The incredible happiness and overflowing emotions that overwhelms you are all natural post-pregnancy feelings.

6 Accurate Post-Pregnancy Feelings
6 Accurate Post-Pregnancy Feelings

You’ll Be Scared With Anything

As a new mother, you will be scared with almost anything you never thought will happen to you. Sometimes she will even be scared with the thoughts that you are thinking. You will be overwhelmed with a lot of things about and newborn babies and that is totally normal. You will realize that you’ll get scared with things that might hurt your little one or if you do things right with them. That is ok and you don’t need to worry too much because you are not the very first mother to feel that intense feeling. The very first time that I saw my newborn baby I was scared to even hold her because I thought I might break her. The littleness, their delicate and fragile built will scare the whole you but will be amazed as to how they came from you all at the same time.

Baby Blues And Sudden Sadness

You will end up with just uncontrollable cry during the first few weeks after delivery and you seem not to know exactly why you are feeling down. You will be sad by just not getting the right way on how to put the diaper of your little love or just don’t seem to know the handling position or how to burp them. That’s okay and it is not you who have felt that before.

However, you should also not confused baby blues with anxiety or postpartum depression.

If you are having a continuous thought that may seem disturbing or that may harm yourself or your little one, then it is better to speak about this and asked for help. This is a serious matter that you should never take for granted.

It is ideal to ask someone to stay with you and tend not just to your baby’s need but for you as well. Don’t be scared to ask for help.

6 Accurate Post-Pregnancy Feelings
6 Accurate Post-Pregnancy Feelings

You’ll Feel Tense

As expected in the first few months, totally depending on the healing process of each mother, you will feel overwhelmed and seemed tensed at some point after getting back home from delivery. Other times, you will feel anxious as well and startled in between these days. Allow yourself to adjust to the new stage of your life as a mother and let the healing process begin by being gentle with yourself. You had a baby and that is wonderful and it sometimes takes time to adapt to it until you return to a new normal routine that you will establish with your baby sooner.

Don’t force yourself to adapt easily with motherhood. Take small steps each day and enjoy the process.

You’ll Be The Most Sensitive Person

Your emotions are the peak and you will realize that every small detail and everything that surrounds you affect your emotions easily. You will be the happiest person in one hour and then you will feel sad or cry for the next few minutes because you get affected for everything that you see around you, especially with your little one.

Why are some mothers who became hypersensitive even with small details from the people that surround them? Some first-time mothers even tried is watching their newborn baby sleeping. You just have to give it a rest for a couple of weeks until you get back to your routine.

On the other hand, if you feel like there is something bothering that is not normal, especially your thoughts, then you can ask for help. Postpartum depression or anxiety is different from post-pregnancy feelings of sensitivity

The Feeling Of Doubt

The first thing that you have to remember as a new mother is to not to be too hard on yourself. Sometimes there are things that will not go exactly how we have envisioned this and planned it as a mother. However, that does not determine your worth and your credibility to become a mother. Don’t feel bad it there are sometimes that you tell about doubting the decisions that you make with becoming a mother or a journey to the path towards motherhood. Not everyone will say or admit to themselves and will try to deny this factor but one point in your life when things are not seemingly perfectly in place you are starting to doubt yourself. Stop right there and just embrace the feeling of becoming a mother.

It’s ok if things will not be perfect because no mother needs to be perfect for their newborn. You are a real mom and for your baby, you are the best!



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