53 Must-Have Newborn Essential Things
53 Must-Have Newborn Essential Things

You will never know what is missing until you will need one in an instant and these newborn essential things to prepare before your delivery will give you the best ideas of the must-haves a new mom must prepare for the new member of the family. These newborn essential things to prepare are necessary not just for your little one but for you, as a mother to survive the first six months of being a new mom.

What are the most important newborn essential things to prepare before your due date to make sure everything is set for the little one? How will you determine which is the most newborn essential things to prepare for your baby? What are the must-have newborn essential things to prepare and things a new mom must-have as well?

The Complete Checklist Of Newborn Essential Things To Prepare

53 Must-Have Newborn Essential Things
53 Must-Have Newborn Essential Things

As a new mom, one of the dilemmas you are facing is the thought of having the complete essential things for your newborn. You are wondering if you already have the newborn essential things to prepare before your newborn pops out. Or what possibly could you be missing still. To help you relax and leave all the worries behind, we have compiled a complete checklist of newborn essential things to prepare before you even deliver your baby. We can put them from the basic necessities of your little one to the must-have and also some optional things that you can prepare based on how you want them to be.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about yourself and we also included here some of the must-have essentials for the new mom or the ones we know as the survival kit for new mothers.

Newborn Essential Checklist For

53 Must-Have Newborn Essential Things
53 Must-Have Newborn Essential Things

This complete checklist of newborn essential things to prepare either by the mother or anyone available will help you survive the first few weeks to months with your newborn and just enjoy the journey. Check out your list and make a comparison of the listing provided using what still missing or you might be surprised that you already have all of these things on hand.

You can categorize first the things that you must have when the baby arrives, especially in the first few days to weeks. These are the daily essentials that your newborn will be using.

  • Onesies – Always go for organic or cotton onesies with zipping or easy to wear for your newborn and especially for you to put them on
  • Undershirts – have a diverse selection of undershirts ranging from short sleeves to no sleeves and even long sleeves. Always go for the sensitive or organic and 100% cotton clothes for your newborn baby as they have delicate skin.
  • Pants – You will be needing more than five pairs of pants as the first few weeks to months you will be needing and changing from time to time.
  • Hats – Soft newborn hat with cute designs. You can have a pair of hats for interchanging whenever needed
  • Booties – It is best if you by movies that also match with your onesies and other baby clothes or even the nightgown
  • Socks – To keep your little one’s feet warm
  • Nightgowns – This can be optional but is necessary especially if the cord stump or cord coil didn’t fall off yet
  • Jackets or cardigans – Optionals question if you are taking your little baby out during the winter season or to protect them from catching a cold outside
  • Mittens or scratch mittens – You will be needing is to protect your baby’s face from getting scratch
  • One-piece sleepers – It is convenient to find one piece sleepers that have a zipper on them as they are easy to put on and remove
  • Snowsuit – This is optional, especially if you will have a winter baby
  • Cute outfits for going out – This is also optional in case you suddenly went out
  • Sensitive laundry detergents that are specially made for newborn babies
  • Cotton blankets – As much as possible make sure that all your baby’s things are organic or cotton made from the blankets and bedsheets
  • Burp cloths – You will be needing them every feeding to protect your clothes or garments from getting milk all over
  • Swaddle blanket – There will be times that you will be needing this kind of monkey and you will be thankful for yourself that will have some. Find some comfortable swaddle blanket especially if you will have your baby during the summer.
  • Tons of newborn diapers or cloth diapers – If you think you have enough then it is best that you get more especially during the first week to two months of your newborn baby
  • Feeding bottle – This is optional special if you will be breastfeeding then you don’t need any feeding bottles or reading materials for your newborn baby.
53 Must-Have Newborn Essential Things
53 Must-Have Newborn Essential Things

On the other hand, if you will be breastfeeding your baby then you have to have this necessary newborn essential things:

Breast pump – You will be needing in this especially during the first few weeks in your baby as this will help you in so many ways.

Milk storage container – You will need this especially if you will be going back to work or going somewhere and you have to leave milk supply for your little one.

Nursing pillows and nursing bras, Breast pads either you will go for washable or disposable.

Nipple cream – You will need this, trust me.

For formula-feeding mothers then you will need the following:

Feeding bottle ranging from 4 ounces to 8 ounces with nipples on them

Feeding bottle cleaner or brush and nipple brush

Formula milk of your choice or as prescribed by your pediatrician

Bottle steamer

53 Must-Have Newborn Essential Things
53 Must-Have Newborn Essential Things

Once you’ve completed most of these essential things for your newborn then it’s time to check for the things that you will need whenever you are going to change their diapers. You will need to prepare a changing pad and some waterproof covers that you can put underneath your baby’s crib or bed in layers to save you time well. Preparing a baby ointment for diaper rash is an essential thing to consider just in case things get worse. If you will be using reusable or cloth diapers then you will also need velcro or safety pins and snaps for your little one. A washcloth is also essential if you don’t want to use disposable wipes for your newborn baby just to clean them up.


For bath time necessities, then you will have to prepare a plastic tub for your little one once their cord coil falls off. If you don’t feel like using the plastic tub for the bath time then you can definitely go on the sink or the tub as well as long as you have to be careful handling your little one and taking them back and make sure that the room temperature is warm to avoid catching a cold. You will need hooded blankets or towels for every bath time and some baby cleanser. Always go for the hypoallergenic and sensitive cleansers for little one without soap. Washcloths are also essential for this one but they are different from the washcloths that you are using to clean up your newborn baby’s bottom.

Either your baby will because sleeping with you or sleeping on the crave you have to prepare some waterproof sheets for underneath and fitted linen for your bed. Sleepsack can also save more time for the baby to sleep and for you as well.


These are also necessary things for your newborn:

  • Car seat
  • Stroller
  • Nail Clippers
  • Mucus Suction Syringe
  • Thermometer
  • Dropper
  • First Aid Kit ( Baby Edition)
  • Baby Carrier Or Sling
  • Pacifiers but is optional as well
  • Diaper Bag
  • Night Light
  • Rocking Chair – is optional
  • Baby Toys


That’s it, all set? Great! You are an awesome mom!


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