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best 5 party host and magician

It has been public knowledge that a birthday party is one of the most awaited events in your little one’s life. And every child wants a magical birthday. They start counting down the days and hours long before their big birthday celebration.

 As you can feel the excitement of your child, you share with that excitement much more! And there is a pang of like holding back in your heart when you begin to realize that life goes by so quickly, and they are growing up super-fast. The reason why you regard every moment is as precious as life itself, especially those very special occasions such as birthdays.

As a parent, every year is a challenge to plan a fun-filled birthday party that will be memorable for your little one and his guests. You have a busy life with the merry-go-round of job shifting and finding the time to do everything is tough. The reason why there is a need for you to hire one of the Top 5 Kiddie Party Catering Services in the USA, to save you from worry and panic of what to feed and how to go about the planning and implementation of your plans because you want nothing but only the best for your birthday boy.

Party Host and

 Magician in show
Kids are being entertained by the party host

Another perfect idea is hiring a party host and for your child’s birthday party. You will have the opportunity to give your child a birthday experience that he will remember forever. This will provide an attractive, thrilling and collaborative experience not only for your birthday boy but for his friends as well. Having a stress-free birthday party where your child’s guests arrive and enjoy a comical, laugh-packed show full of startling magic, colorful balloon creativity, visual humor, magnificent audience interaction, and a trunk full of magical surprises. They may even learn a few special trickeries of their own to amaze their families and friends back home.

Having to dream of accomplishing an awesome and great kiddie party is not an easy task. You will need some help from professionals. Therefore you have to search for a host that can provide you with some proven, time-tested solution for children’s birthday parties that are filled with fun, inexpensive, hassle-free and very kid-friendly. Where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the party along with your little boy and his friends. It is already given that having a party host and , your child’s birthday party will be under control. When the party host and magician starts to work, your child and his friends will be so wrapped up in the fun of the moment that the time will disappear too, just like magic! All that is left for you to do is sing Happy Birthday, serve the foods and cake, open the gifts and enjoy this very special experience that you will be sharing with your birthday boy.

The task of hiring a party host and magician may at times be overwhelming. Looking for a person with magical powers, a person who performs magic tricks for entertainment, a person with exceptional skills in a particular area, and the one who will be able to entertain guests of all ages. Because magic is the hottest act in town and magic never loses its ability to amaze kids and adults, you have to ensure that the host magician you are going to hire is extremely professional and offers entertainment that is appropriate for all ages. Listen to friends’ referrals, navigate through the net, look over their credentials, featured articles about them and videos of their performances and shows. Before you book the date and close a deal with your party host and magician, it is best to personally meet them for interview and sampling of tricks. Regularly, the magician’s professional fee ranges from a $150 to $400, depending on the date and time of the party, size of the crowd, a location of the party, and the expertise of the magician.

Having said all that, there is nothing more rewarding than the overjoyed hugs and kisses of your birthday boy as soon as the party is over, and seeing the delight in the eyes of the kids and your party guests leave with smiles on their faces. And that is the true essence of a successful and great birthday party that will forever linger in your child’s memory.

Hereunder is the list of Best 5 Kiddie Party Host and Magician you can read over and decide to choose for your little boy’s birthday party:


  • Rated Number #1 In Birthday Parties! 
  • 3 Time Winner of the Great Atlanta Magician of the Year Award
  • Performed 5 times at the White House
  • As seen on ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Video
  • Making Events Memorable
Cool Magician
Cool Magician

Ken Scott has performed over 350 shows in a year in his more than 20 years in the industry. He was able to perform in front of over a million people with his exceptional cutting edge shows. His unique performances bagged him not only once but thrice as the Greater Atlanta Magician of the Year Awardee. He was also featured in the CNN Headline News where he introduced their segment on “A Day of Magic”. A notable and experienced magician, he performs yearly in Hollywood California at The World Famous Magic Castle, which is home to the Academy of Magical Arts. Not all magicians have had the privilege to perform in the White House, but Ken Scott has already humbly shown off his magic tricks in the White House 5 times. A world-known celebrity in his own field of expertise, Ken has also appeared on ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Video. Ken with a good and generous heart, travels worldwide to teach other entertainers his originally invented and developed ideas and routines.

Clients can choose from 3 packages of Ken Scott’s magic show. Basic Package, Deluxe Package and the Super Deluxe Package.

  • Basic Package includes a 40-minute comedy magic show with a live rabbit, your birthday child is the star of the show, a whole lot of audience participation, and balloon sculptures for your birthday child. And every child will receive a free magic activity sheet that will teach them some easy magic tricks.
  • Deluxe Package includes everything in the basic package with the addition to 8 free fun goodie bags. Also, the birthday child will receive a Ken Scott Magic show DVD. For the Grand Finale, the birthday child will float in the air! The show is one hour long, which includes a fun game and great music during the show. Total time duration of the show is 1 Hour.
  • Super Deluxe Package includes everything in the Basic and Deluxe packages with the addition of a 1 set of Ken Scott Magic Set perfect for all ages to be given to the birthday child. Plus 16 fun goodie bags and fun games following the magic show.

To top it all, Ken Scott has the capability to craft shows that will seize everyone’s attention and entertain them and leave them hungry and wanting for more. Ken fascinates his audience with truly amazing magic, audience participation, and sidesplitting comedy. He can execute “strolling magic” on an hourly basis, blends with everyone performing incredible snap of hand magic, making the magic happen right into the guests very own hands!


“Party can is tailored to suit all ages” is the famous tag line of Froggle Parties Magician / Entertainer. They have that really amazing and wacky characters bringing the kids in fits of laughter from start to finish. Loaded with surprising magic tricks, dynamic dancing, funny puppet shows, dazzling party games, balloon forming, bubbly bubbles and top quality prizes, you can definitely have the assurance that it will be a party the children will be raving about for weeks to come!

With Froogle Parties Magician / Entertainer, being the absolute star of the party, they make a huge fuss over the birthday child, where he gets to assist with the magic and other phases of the show, and are showered with balloons galore. The staff and crew of Froggle Parties ensure that the shows are fully loaded with exciting games and musical favourites like a conga, limbo dancing and the latest craze on kids the Momoland. Surely the kids will not want the fun to stop.

Packages inclusions are as follows:

  • One of our kid’s party entertainers in full costume
  • Children’s magic show
  • Puppet show
  • Bubbles (with bubble wand)
  • Music & dancing (including limbo dancing, conga, dancing competitions)
  • Brilliant party games
  • Crazy rocket balloons
  • Balloon modelling
  • Prizes for every child
  • Touchable bubbles
  • Loads of comedy and gags
  • Free printable invites, certificates and more

Party formats are as follows:

▪ 1-hour parties –the party host/magician usually do 1 hour straight with no break.

▪ 1.5 Hour Parties – for 1.5 hours, the party host/magician typically do a one hour show, followed by 30 minutes of balloon modelling while the kids are having their snacks.

▪ 2 Hour Parties – the party host/magician does a 45-minute show, then a 30 min break for kids to have food and drink, during which time the staff and crew will make balloons for the children to take home with them, then another 45-minute show.

Lest you forget that Froggle Parties Magician / Entertainer can tailor your celebration to suit your needs, so if you want one of their magicians that focus more on magic or one of their kid’s party entertainers that does more games and dancing, Froggle Parties Magician / Entertainer can tailor to whatever you want.


More than 50 years in the industry as professional magician Jeff Wawrzaszek had the privilege of entertaining over 15,000 kids and adults in schools, birthdays, libraries, corporate affairs, and other family events all over the United States of America. Jeff Wawrzaszek is acclaimed as the only magician in the business all over Michigan. His clientele rounded up starting from generation to generation. Most of those kids he entertained in a birthday party grew up and invited him to host and do magic at their children’s birthday parties as well.

There are only a few full-time professional magicians and only a handful specializes in children’s entertainment. Jeff Wawrzaszek is one of the best for children’s birthday parties, having him in your party will ensure an amazing success. Dealing business with a company having a standing reputation for being punctual, reliable and polished…and a consummate, professional children’s entertainment specialist.

There are several packages to choose from: Your choice will make your child’s party the one everybody will enjoy the most and will forever remember.

Package with amazing benefits are as follows:

  • Stress-free and hassle-free experience for you.
  • A starring role for your birthday child that will make him feel very special.
  • Loads of age-appropriate comedy, humour and audience interaction.
  • A one-of-a-kind magic routine that you will not be able to find anywhere.
  • A personalized, keepsake “Magic Happy Birthday Button” and very cool magic set for the birthday child.
  • Wonderful balloon animals and some great magical souvenirs for every child in the audience that they can take home.
  • Free souvenir magical dollars for each child at the party.


funny Magician
funny Magician

There are a lot of reasons that make far different from the others. Jungle Dave’s Jungle Magic Show is the leading children’s entertainment in the area of Warren, Hunterdon, Sussex, Somerset, Morris County New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Jungle Dave’s Jungle Magic Show guarantees the assurance of an unforgettable, peppy and funny show that your guests will never forget.  The awe, surprise, and enchantment on the children’s faces are what you will remember most.

Packages range from 40 minutes of non-stop magic and fun to a two-hour magic, music and games extravaganza – entertaining your guests from the moment they arrive with laughter and excitement.Your child will be the true star of the show, and at the centre stage as he assists the magician in performing the highlight of the show. You will hear the wheezes of amazement from the children and see their faces light up, and see the enormous grin on your child’s face as he produces a delicious treat absolutely – by magic! – For all their friends to enjoy!

Jungle Dave’s Jungle Magic Show has an assortment of packages:

Deluxe Magic Show

  • 15 minutes of interactive musical games
  • 60 minute age-specific magic show
  • Your birthday child is the star of the show
  • Includes free prizes that are given away during the show
  • Provides a special magical balloon twist for your birthday child
  • Gives a special present to your birthday child
  • Lots of audience participation, empowering the children with the ability to perform real magic
  • Puppets/ventriloquism – meeting the wacky jungle friends
  • Professional backdrop – transports the kids to a land of wonder and excitement
  • The personalized video clip that includes all the magical moments of the party
  • Group photo after the show – a memento that would last a lifetime
  • For parties with up to 50 kids.

2-Hour Magic, Music & Mayhem party package

  • 30 minutes of interactive musical games
  • 60-Minute age-specific magic show
  • Puppets/Ventriloquism – meet my wacky jungle friends!
  • Disco & dancing to popular music
  • Professional backdrop – transports the kids to a land of wonder & excitement!
  • Bright party lights to get the kids in the party mood!
  • Professional PA system ensure that the music and myself will be heard above the laughing and fun!
  • Group photo after the show – The excitement and memories of the party will be captured and shared for years to come!
  • Personalized video clip that includes all the magical moments of the party – relive it again and again!
  • Free Jungle Dave’s Magic Wand Kit for the birthday child!
  • Free Jungle Magic Show T-shirt for the birthday child!
  • For parties with up to 50 kids

Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquets

  • The show directly engages the cub scouts and is suited for the age range of boys and their families
  • The show is also entertaining for the entire family. Involvement of everybody in the fun and not just the Scouts alone
  • The show talks about Scouting and the ideals of it, as well as reinforcing the principles taught by Scouting
  • Easy booking process
  • The show is self-contained. The only thing needed is access to an electrical outlet
  • It can be performed in most any setting like a stage, cafeteria floor, multipurpose room, hall, etc.
  • Fun and laughter are guaranteed!
  1. Educational Magic Shows – This is the most delicate of all because it will be difficult to find the right entertainer for preschoolers. You should be looking for someone whom the parents and children would love. Someone who can deliver an educational message in a fun and memorable way. And that is what ‘Jungle Dave Jungle Magic Show’ can offer. An entertainment package carefully crafted to deliver exciting shows that will put emphasis on child development and learning. Their main objective in this educational magic show is to make the show as super fun and entertaining while delivering a message that is easy to remember and repeat.
  2. Halloween Spooktacular Magic Show – this show is guaranteed to make your birthday party the talk of the town, something the guests will rave about for months. Kids and adults too will be laughing and screaming in delight as they watch the magician weave Halloween tales of mystery! Kids will be amazed as they watch a drawing of Count Dracula come to life and talk about his day. They will witness the difficulties going on inside Frankenstein’s castle as making a monster proves to be harder than it seems! In addition, there will be plenty of audience participation as kids will be invited to come up the stage and try to find a ghost flying around, make a glass of pumpkin juice disappear, and a lot more. Halloween treats will be distributed too. There will be a Halloween backdrop, Halloween themed decorations with spooky and fun Halloween music and sound effects to really set the mood. And yet, this is not a scary Halloween magic show but guaranteed a lot of fun!



Winner of numerous magic competitions in both stage and close up magic, Ron Jaxon is a Comedy Magician from Kalamazoo Michigan. A semi-professional magician and graphic designer of almost 30 years, he amazingly spent his 20 years doing magic, without hearing anything! Until he got his cochlear implant that he was able to hear but have to make a lot of a roller-coaster adjustment in his performances.

There was a time he lost drive and have not focused on performing magic. Because the 20 years of being deaf, he was used to performing without hearing anything, and just practically performing in his own rhythm. His jokes, routines and magic were mainly based on the fact that he was deaf at that time. Somehow he was able to fight the dilemma now that he can hear again. He can still feel the bite of magic bug from time to time. Once a magician will forever be a magician doing magic tricks out of passion, for the love of entertainment and making people happy.




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