5 Easy Ways To Make Baby Smile
laughing baby - 5 Easy Ways To Make Baby Smile

As a new mom, one of our goals for the day is to make a baby smile, regardless if we do silly things and silly faces, dance without music or hum a nursery rhyme to keep your little one entertained. It may be tough at times to make a baby smile but once you learn the simple and silly ways, you will surely be rewarded with non-stop giggles.

What are the best and easy ways to make a baby smile especially for new moms? Aside from being silly and doing silly faces, what are the best tricks to make a baby smile and laugh? Are there any best tips to make a baby smile regardless of the time of the day, especially when they seem off the mood?

The Best Ways To Make Baby A Smile

5 Easy Ways To Make A Baby Smile
Cute Baby Laugh – 5 Easy Ways To Make A Baby Smile

There are many ways on how you can make a baby smile and even giggle. The trick is knowing and understanding what they want. Be that of making silly faces or strange noises, doing the classic peek-a-boo or even singing or humming a nursery rhyme for them. Probably one of the things new parents want is to make a baby smile, and that means they are the reason why their baby smiles and giggles when they are playing around with them.

If you have tried a few tricks every now and then, you will be successful in getting your baby’s ticklish side without tickling them. In this article, we will teach you tricks and give you incredible yet easy tips to try doing with your little one.

Using a few resources, you can easily make your baby smile in no time. Have a look with these ideas, tips, and tricks.

5 Easy Ways To Make A Baby Smile
Adorable smile – 5 Easy Ways To Make A Baby Smile

Tips And Tricks To Make Your Baby Smile

Using the right resources, being silly or even making weird noises are some of the things that will make a baby smile and giggle. Sometimes your baby anticipates your gestures, that is why it is necessary to know when to drop the bomb and hear those non-stop giggles.

Silly Faces And Strange Noises

There is something with strange noises that makes baby giggles, whether you create that sound and see how they react. An animal noise to introduce them to your little one example can be the cause of great laughing chaos over and over again. I personally have found this trick really working with my baby. It really is amazing to hear those contagious giggles over and over again, right? So make those strange noises and wait for your little baby to react and surely laugh their hearts out.

Making faces in front of your baby is another way to make your baby laugh. You can be creative with silly faces and effortlessly make your baby laugh. There are many ways on how you can be creative in this area and try different styles that your baby will find one favorite among the rest.

5 Easy Ways To Make A Baby Smile
Cute baby – 5 Easy Ways To Make A Baby Smile

Dance, Sing, And All Sorts Of Music

When we were pregnant and your little one is still peacefully waiting inside your womb, one best way to bond with them is by listening to music, classical music, to develop their hearing senses. As they grow, having music in their lives, whatever you feel is right for them, surely they will appreciate it.

The best way to make your baby smile by singing a few songs or lines in their soon-to-be favorite nursery rhymes. Sometimes you just don’t notice is, even if you think you can’t carry a tune is just to sing for your baby every given chance. They are the most wonderful creatures who will surely appreciate all your efforts and thinks that you are the best singer in this world. Forget what everyone must say, just sing for your baby. It will not just make them feel special, you will also feel great doing so.

Dancing is another thing. I used to rock my baby with a new tune, swaying her here and there and sometimes having a quick turn, your baby will definitely love that. Be merry and feel great doing these things as your baby will really love these small gestures. One more thing I have noticed with babies is their interest with music, be that through listening, singing, and even playing a musical instrument for them. You can make this a great bonding moment for your little one and you, or your partner. Show-off those artistic sides of you with your baby.

5 Easy Ways To Make A Baby Smile
Laughing baby – 5 Easy Ways To Make A Baby Smile

Playground Fun

Playgrounds are colorful and babies love colors. That goes with every cute toy for babies to attract their attention. The playground is a great place to make your baby smile, taking her outside for a walk on a late afternoon is a great way to head over to the nearest playground. Introduce them to different things inside the area from swings to slides. Have a go with them, especially with swings and you will be amazed as to how fun it is for them to try new adventures. These things out of your room will pique the interest of your baby at a younger age.

On the other hand, make sure that you are taking your baby on the right playground. You have to spot the difference between a toddler playground from one that is specially designed for younger ages or babies. When you see that the playground is crowded with a lot of people or if the sanitation may seem an issue, it is also better to keep things tight and take your baby for a walk to enjoy the view. Birds chirping or trees swaying with the wind is another factor that can entertain babies too.

The things about how you keep your baby entertained are by making up fun experiences for them to enjoy. From being silly to noises or places to go to. The rick is having a fun moment is what your baby is looking forward to. That fun moment includes you interacting with them.

Transforming The Ordinary To Extraordinary

Here’s a tip, you can make a great playground inside your room or the living room when the weather does not cooperate with you and your baby. Transforming your room into a cool place with lots of colors or filled with balloons avoid popping them off next to your baby –if they will be uncomfortable with the sound– and add a tent to complete that package!

You can also babyproof the living area and have enough space for your little baby to crawl with or if they started walking, to walk around as long as there is enough cushion to catch them and not getting hurt. You can also put some playmat around in the case, for a more safe place to start roaming around.

Exploring from one place to another makes a baby smile, aside from the daily routines and places they go to, the bedroom, bathroom, and the whole house. That is why from time to time, it is essential to change the routine and transform the ordinary places to the extraordinary play area.

A Skin-To-Skin Or Massage With Your Baby

There are different ways on how you can bond with your little one and that includes touch therapy and massages. There are some babies who feel comfortable and happy being cuddled next to their mom or dad, touching dads face or their beard. Sometimes even carrying your child and walking over the house is more than enough for them as well. Other babies want more like baby massages and even storytime with a seasonal drawing of circles on their tummy or even the back. It also calms them and feels secure.

Surely there are different ways on how you can make a baby smile, some are even unexplainable yet very effective. Some range from being silly to just take things coolly. Regardless of how you make your baby smile, remind yourself that you are doing a great job there.


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