5 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms
5 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

If you are a new mom or new to breastfeeding, then this compilation of breastfeeding tips for new moms will help you further understand this wonderful journey and learn new things about you and your baby. From how to know if your newborn is getting enough or when is the right time to feed them and how to take care of yourself while breastfeeding as well.

What are the factors to consider to this breastfeeding tips for new moms from them to be motivated on their journey?  Can this breastfeeding tips for new moms also help those lactating for their baby? Are there tricks to help your baby feed properly?

Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms To A Healthy Baby

 5 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms
5 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

There are many ways on how you can properly feed your newborn but knowing when especially if you are a new mom may seem tricky. This breastfeeding tips for new moms will help you understand your baby properly and determine when to feed them with the right signs.

Whether you are breastfeeding your baby or into formula milk, the most important thing is you are feeding them with love, regardless of what. Because there are some instances that breastfeeding will be an option for a mother but that does not stop her from becoming the best mom for their newborn.

Factors To Consider To A Successful Feeding Journey

There are some factors that you need to remember if you will be going into the journey of breastfeeding. It is a type of commitment that you build a strong and unique bond between you and your little one. It may demand most of your time, especially during the first weeks and months. You will have lots of sleepless nights and tiresome days.

Feeding Time

Your newborn will need to be fed every two to three hours during the first months. Pay attention to the details and signs that tell you your baby needs to be fed. There are different ways on how you will know if your newborn needs to eat. The baby’s cue will be there even before she or he starts crying. Aside from checking the time of when the last time you feed, there are some signs like sucking their hands or seems to be nudging into something until they start crying to get your attention. This breastfeeding tips for new moms will surely help you a lot with the right ways to feed your baby.

 5 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms
5 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

When your little one is full or had enough milk, they usually stop sucking. However, it is best to wait for a minute until they return to feeding again. There are some times that they might be taking some time off and contemplating whether they will still eat or not. Remember that every after feeding time, regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or not, is to burp your little one always.

Eating Patterns For Newborn

There will be changes on how your little baby will eat especially during those times that they are growing and needs more feeding than usual intake of milk. Scientifically, this will be around two to three weeks when they are born and then later on at around six weeks afterward. There will also be changes in the sleeping pattern during this time. You don’t necessarily have to stay always on the two to three hours of feeding and just feed your baby as well whenever they need to, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Another thing to consider and asked your pediatrician is about the right amount of vitamin D that your little one may take. On this breastfeeding tips for new moms, most breastfed babies do not have the right amount of vitamin D that they need and get from breastfed milk, so a supplement may be needed. However, it is always a must to consult the doctor before giving anything. Though  Vitamin D is an essential factor that helps build strong bones for the babies while they are growing.

 5 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms
5 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

Quality And Instincts

Though there are recommended amount of feeding for newborn babies, remember that it is not always the quantity but the quality of meals and feeds that matter to your growing baby. There may be times that they won’t be eating within the two to three hours time frame and that is okay, as long as they are gaining weight and showing interest in eating whenever they feel hungry and a regular bowel movement, especially on the first week to months after delivery.

If you find it strange for your little one that they seem not gaining weight or losing interest in feeding, then you will need to see your pediatrician about this for there must be something wrong with your little one. Trust your instincts always especially when it comes to your baby, if you feel like there is something wrong, then there surely is something. There is a strong connection between a mother and a baby that you cannot explain anyway.

Bonding Moment With Your Little Baby

Though it may seem tiring at some point especially during those sleepless nights, make each feeding time with your little baby a bonding moment as well. This will secure them and create a unique bond and trust for them and know you better.  One of the best breastfeeding tips for new moms that were shared is to cherish every feeding moment and transform them into fun and wonderful bonding moments together. Remember that they won’t stay that little for a long time and one day, you won’t notice that they will stop feeding into you and become more independent.

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to breastfeeding, the amount of time that you spend with your baby will teach them to build their confidence along the way and the connection between you and your baby becomes stronger each time. Because you are feeding love to your little baby. It is best to hydrate yourself and always eat nutritious food for you and your little baby.

 5 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms
5 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

Asked For Help

Another great breastfeeding tips for new moms is to know when to ask for help with your breastfeeding journey. This may be when things seem to be not working with you or your baby as your little one is not gaining weight even though you are having a great bond, or the breastfeeding sessions seems to be a challenge for you.

If you haven’t seen any lactation expert then it is time for you to ask for help to one or to your pediatrician about your concerns with your baby.

This breastfeeding tips for new moms on what you should take in considerations and questions to ask are essential to a successful journey.

  • Do you see any changes in weight for your baby? Is she or he gaining weight the right way?
  • Is your newborn eating properly or getting fed at least two to three hours per day?
  • Does your baby swallow properly? Do they pause after every swallow or can you hear them swallow properly?
  • Is your baby have an increase with the diaper change?
  • How does your breast feel before and after feeding?
  • Can you tell whether your baby is satisfied every feeding or seems healthy?


Don’t forget to burp your newborn baby after every feeding and make sure that they are in the right position every feeding session.



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