26 Easy To Make Baby Shower Treats
26 Easy To Make Baby Shower Treats

Baby showers are one of the most fun celebrations especially because of the coming of a new member of the family and preparing easy to make baby shower treats will help the organizer or the host have fun as well during the date and not get too busy thinking of what and what-not to prepare for their menu. With the great organizing skills from the theme, decorations, party favors, and location. Especially the food menu that you will serve, surely there will be a lot of effort for the host to spend with. But if you prepare easy to make baby shower treats that you can add on the menu or can be the menu, will surely be a big hit not just for the guests coming but most especially the mother-to-be.

What are the easy to make baby shower treats that you can incorporate with your theme that will surely impress not just the guests but even the mother-to-be? Are there easy to make baby shower treats that you can make in less than an hour before the party? What are the most popular easy to make baby shower treats that you can serve during the party?

Easy To Make Baby Shower Treats And Ideas

26 Easy To Make Baby Shower Treats
26 Easy To Make Baby Shower Treats

If you were wondering how to find easy to make baby shower treats that you can prepare on the same day as the party without you looking occupied and have time to look wonderful, then this is the right place for you to be!

You are the host and you need to look fun, energetic, amazing and fresh for your lovely girlfriend, sister, cousin or a close co-worker. Dazzle everyone with these easy to make baby shower treats that will surely be an adorable sweet treat for everyone, including the mom-to-be!

The Best Easy To Make Baby Shower Treats That Will Surely Loved By Your Guests

A baby shower party is one of the most creative celebrations that you can attend because it provides a diverse food menu for the guests in the cutest version. Who would not agree with how adorable traditional food can be when you transform it into a mini version of that. It can surely impress everyone and will try and love to have a bite of that mini food. Another great thing if you are preparing a food menu for a baby shower is to take advantage of the toothpick. Yes, you got it right, anything that’s on stick or toothpick with a ribbon or flag incorporated with the baby shower theme will surely look amazing!

Have a look at all of these different yet easy to make baby shower treats that you can incorporate and add on your food menu for an extra adorable cuteness with the satisfaction of your sweet and tasty tooth!

Prosciutto And Mini Potato

Let’s start off with an easy to make food yet gives a lovely treat. Check out for the mini potatoes that are easily cooked and will be ready in less than 10 minutes. Amazing isn’t it?  Don’t forget the toothpick to put together half of that mini potato with prosciutto and of course a baby leaf to compliment the design of a stylish and healthy treat for your guests and even the mother-to-be.

Crackers Cream Cheese And Pomegranate

Who’s getting hungry? Surely this can be prepared in less than 30 minutes as long as you have all the ingredients needed for this sweet treat. Aside from it being convenient, it is also a healthy and lovely complementing color on your table. Stack up in layer and sprinkle on top a pomegranate to give a sweet scene for the guest when they look at the table.

26 Easy To Make Baby Shower Treats
26 Easy To Make Baby Shower Treats

Strawberries Coated With Chocolate

One of the classics and everyone’s favorite. You can sprinkle the strawberry coated chocolate with nuts if you want to or you make it plain as long as you put the toothpick for the guests to easily grab some of this yummy treat.

Mini Brownie

Yes, mini versions are tasty and surely will be a crowd favorite! It is a brownie and everyone will love that, top it with nuts or even chocolates.

Tiny Cups And Dips

Cut veggies in tiny cups with dips on them are a great treat for a quick bite. And they are incredibly easy to make as well.

Colored Eggs And Deviled Eggs

Gender reveal or not, surely this will be a great treat not just for mom-to-be but will be enjoyed by your guests too. Colored food is much appreciated during baby showers.

26 Easy To Make Baby Shower Treats
26 Easy To Make Baby Shower Treats

Refreshing Watermelon

Fruits are always a great option for treats as long as you decorate them in a cute way. Cut your watermelon in squares and top it with cheese and some chocolate syrup, now that is really enticing!

Mini Muffin

Regardless of the flavor that you will bake, mini versions are the best, they allow you to taste almost all the food without worrying if you eat way too much, because there are no too much on baby shower parties!

Crostini Jam And Cheese

Organizing a baby shower and it’s a brunch to date? No worries, there are a lot of options for treats and sweets. Let’s start off with the classic toast and jam and cheese. Adorn with something colorful or compliment with herbs to make it classy.

Fruit And Cake Parfaits

Layer your food preferences and choose for the cute and clear plastic cups to showcase the design of that delicious treats for your guests and even mom-to-be can have as much as she wants. Include some pieces of cakes, cookies, and fruits.

26 Easy To Make Baby Shower Treats
26 Easy To Make Baby Shower Treats

Peanut Butter Choco Parfaits

You can never go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate together and you can’t be messing around on how this sweet treat can be so yummy.

Seven Layer Dip Cup

A sure win for a quick recipe that you can make in less than 30 minutes. The color combinations and the taste are the best for you and the guests to treat them on such a wonderful occasion.

Rice Krispie Treat

If you have kids willing to help along then this is a great bonding moment and a creative way for treats. Easy, fun and totally yum! Dipped your Rice Krispies in melted pastilles that incorporates with your theme.

Ham and Cucumber Roll-Up

Such a lovely sight of color complementing each other. Roll-up cucumber and ham together area unique treat that everyone will surely try. They are lovely to the eye and tastes really wonderful.

Fruit Bassinet

You’re gonna make the mom-to-be aww with the sight of a fruit bassinet emitting a stroller or a baby. It may really look hard but it is not and you’ll enjoy the tons of ideas you can put together.

Pancake Pops

In stick pancakes? That is totally adorable and yum yum in your tum! Don’t forget to include the dip on the side and some fruits to decorate them.


The mini version, in stick, easy to eat? Definitely a must! Waffles and chicken are a perfect pair, try them on now.


Outdoor baby shower party? Or just as simple as a tea party style will surely be a great treat for you and everyone to grab, munch and walk around.


A great way to easily prepare a colorful and delicious combination of cheese, tomatoes, olives, and anything in mind you wanted to add into.

Colored Popcorn

You’ll definitely love making them and your guests will adore munching them around, mingling with everyone and holding colorful pops everywhere.


Tarts are small yet totally a winner when it comes to treats and sweets. Make that a chocolate tart to compliment with everything or on your theme.

Dipped Oreos

Can be a great treat or a take-home sweet. Your dipped Oreos will surely be a best seller for everyone.

Mini Ice Cream Sundae

Anything mini is cute, plus ice cream? Totally winner! Sprinkle on top some edible pearls and you are one step classic and classy.

Granola And Yogurt Parfaits

A healthy treat that everyone will surely won’t miss. Remember that the container is the key to see the beauty of your creations.

Shaped Fruit Skewers

How do you want your fruits to be cut today? Stars or hearts, flowers or shapes, they will surely be an easy treat for everyone.

Dipped Marshmallows

Incorporate with your theme a cute and favorite treat for everyone. Make it in pastel or rainbow. It will definitely be a party stopper.


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