16 Cute Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme
16 Cute Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme

Looking for the best modern and diverse gender-neutral baby shower theme ideas for your upcoming baby shower party to blow and make it memorable for everyone, especially for the parents-to-be? We’ve compiled the most comprehensive and adorable gender-neutral baby shower theme ideas especially for you.

What are the best and fabulous gender-neutral baby shower theme ideas for the new baby coming to town? What gender-neutral baby shower theme idea can you use to make the party sophisticated yet have a touch of modern style? Can you break the stereotype of organizing a baby shower where you don’t know the gender yet but will definitely excite the mom-to-be and the guests as well?

The Best Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas To Create A Fabulous Party

You are excited to organize the next baby shower and town however you don’t know what is the gender of the little coming ahead. Or on the other hand, the mother-to-be does not want to reveal the gender of their baby yet. But that does not stop you from organizing a unique and fun baby shower for her. With this fabulous and fun gender-neutral baby shower theme, you’re going to have a great idea on how you wanted to organize the party in no time and send those invitations real soon.

16 Cute Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme
16 Cute Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme

There’s no excuse if you wanted to throw a blast of a party with an amazing choice of gender-neutral baby shower theme to choose from.

Modern, Vintage, Diverse, Fabulous and Adorable Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas

To top the list of the most fun and fabulous yet sophisticated gender-neutral baby shower theme that you can choose from are as follows;

Rubber Ducky Theme

Could never love rubber duckies during their younger years and even guilty in getting one for their little ones? This gender neutral baby shower theme will definitely blow you and the guests with its positive and fun color. Spread the news because of the rubber duckies the chosen one. You can organize the table and the banner from different shades of blue and yellow and balloons to make it extra special. Don’t forget the centerpiece filled with rubber duckies of customized cupcakes and even a personalized and customized cake that is topped with the rubber duck itself.

Bumblebee Or Honey Bee Theme

If you are wondering about checking or using Winnie-the-pooh teen then you can’t even try to make it extra special and unique by creating a honey bee or bumblebee theme with black and yellow and sweet desserts for the guest to be amazed and dazzled. You definitely have fun creating and organizing this gender-neutral baby shower theme for the mom-to-be and especially for the guests alike.

16 Cute Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme
16 Cute Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme

Wild Animal Theme/Safari Theme

Foxes elephants and all those wild animals around the corner making the venue a cute and adorable just like the coming baby too. The cute gender neutral party that will surely create buzz and excitement both for the guests and most especially to the mom-to-be. There are a lot of options when it comes to decorations and party favors with this wild animal or safari themed baby shower party.

Little Cacti Or Succulent Theme

You can never go wrong with the cuteness and adorable little cacti or succulent theme for a gender neutral baby shower. Don’t forget to decorate the backdrop with different yet tiny decorations of cacti and succulents cut-off. The good news with distant is you can even organize your party favors and allow the guests to take home potted cacti and succulents that they will surely love.

Books-Themed Baby Shower

Books will take you everywhere and the mom-to-be wish really love this theme as it allows her and the little one to explore beyond boundaries for every page. There are different ways on how you can decorate the place and make it more like a library yet with a twist of fun and funky sweets that the guests will enjoy.

Rainbow Themed Baby Shower

Who says you have to limit the colors that you wanted to use for a baby shower theme when you don’t know the gender yet? You can use two or four or you can use them all! Make it more colorful with all the colors of the rainbow as your theme.

Blue-Red And White

Macaroons, cupcakes and red velvet are some of the few things that you can include on the suite and table for guests and the mom-to-be. The color combination is classy and sophisticated with a colorful and positive feeling not just for the mom but for the guests as well. You can use this theme during the summer and even during the holidays.

16 Cute Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme
16 Cute Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme

Snow And White Shower Theme

You can never go wrong with white as the theme or the main color of a baby shower party. Make it feel so cold yet everyone is happy knowing that there’s a little baby coming ahead. Decorate the whole place with paper clouds and drops of water to make it even cooler.

Star Wars Theme

Remember that the force has awakened and you have the little Jedi coming ahead. Surely everyone will love to Be part of the revolution and stay on the light side. You can customize banners and backdrops with cupcakes ornamented with different characters from the movie.

Black And White Theme

A unique and sophisticated combination of colors that can also be used with a baby shower especially for gender neutral party. Make it even more classy with decorations and balloon all over the place in black and white and the backdrop with the welcome sign of the baby. If you are wondering what sweets and favor should you get then definitely there will be lots of choices to choose from.

Carnival Themed/Circus themed party

Popcorn, sweets, balloons, flags, animal cut-offs and lots of colorful confetti to celebrate the coming of the new baby. You can even set up a tent for your backdrop and decorate the wall place with different balloons make it even fun and fabulous.

Royal Celebrations

Be it a prince or princess surely everyone will love to be on the scene. This gender neutral baby shower theme will surely blow you away and the mom-to-be as well. Make it gold, blue silver and everything that sparkles. The royal family is really happy to have you on this one-of-a-kind party. Customized cake with the centerpiece of a crown or your cupcakes ornament with crown cutoffs to make it extra majestic.

16 Cute Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme
16 Cute Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme

A Sweet Lullaby Like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Who hasn’t love this nursery rhyme ever since and until now? Decorate the wall plays with different stars and constellations with some white and black. Oh! Don’t forget the blue ones of balloons all over the place. Think of fun games for the party or else the guess will fall asleep.

Jungle Themed Party

Giraffes, lions, and not the safari but a jungle themed party. You can even handsome monkeys all over the place and decorate some birds to make it more like you’re in the wilderness. This can be a good thing if you are trying to do the party outdoors.

A Vintage Style Theme Party

Make it a unique, make it rustic, make it vintage, and make it classic! Surely everyone will love to go on this vintage-style theme party for the baby.  Make it even old school with some logs and pieces of wood scattered all over the place.

Christmas, Santa And the Snowflakes

If you’re planning to organize a baby shower party during the holidays then this Christmas themed with Santa Claus and some snowflakes or reindeers decorating the whole place will really give you a unique yet one-of-a-kind holiday experience. Just add a little bit more effort from the winter season. Prepare some hot drinks for the guests to be warm and cozy.

There is still a lot of gender neutral baby shower theme ideas that you can work on for the next party that you are trying to organize. There is always a twist if you don’t know the gender of the baby during the party as this gives excitement to all the guests and especially to the parents to be. Regardless of the gender of the baby and how you wanted to execute a unique and fabulous baby shower party for a friend or relative then you must always have to give your best and everything will fall perfectly into pieces and place. Have fun organizing!


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