16 Adorable Baby Shower Cake Tips
16 Adorable Baby Shower Cake Tips

You have to agree with me on this, that on every party, we are always looking forward to that unique cake design that makes or break the event and that is also with baby showers. This adorable baby shower cake ideas will definitely make an impression not just on the overall party but with the creativity and wittiness of the organizer toward such details. Aside from the adorable baby shower cake that you are looking forward, you are also waiting to be the taste tester of how delicious that cake will be.

What are the different yet adorable baby shower cake themes and ideas that you can choose for the next baby shower party that you’ll be going to organize? Can you add a personal touch for a customized and adorable baby shower cake that you wanted for your theme on a baby shower? What’s the best flavor for an adorable baby shower cake?

Adorable Baby Shower Cake Ideas Based On Your Themes

16 Adorable Baby Shower Cake Tips
16 Adorable Baby Shower Cake Tips

Choosing a personalized design of an adorable baby shower cake based on the theme that you pick for a baby shower party that your organizing will set the tone of the dessert table on the day of the party. It is also one of the decorations that every guest and the mother-to-be is looking forward to. That is why it is always ideal to personalize the cake for any occasion with the designs that incorporate the theme and the overall information that was given during the party to make the guests and the mother-to-be feel a unique connection for the overall celebration.

So if you’re looking for an adorable baby shower cake ideas then you are on the right place as we will give you hints and tricks for setting up that best showstopper baby shower cake. Remember that baby shower cake will set the tone of the party and how it is connected to the team that you have chosen.

Adorable Baby Shower Cake Designs And Ideas To Choose From

Sometimes the beauty of the cake is best set with the simplicity of the designs and decorations that you put through with a personal touch for a customized cake on the party. Whether you want it to be as colorful as the rainbow, a multi-colored theme or make it as two-colored, a two-tier cake of black and yellow for a honey bee theme. Definitely, the designs will allow you, the guest, and the mother-to-be to enjoy the full celebration.

1. Make it simple with complementing colors.

You have to agree with me when I say simplicity is beauty and it goes as well with an adorable baby shower cake that does not overlap one color over the other. Or that there are too many designs that you get confused which is the subject or the main attraction of the cake. You can make it simple with the colors that you have chosen and just ornamented with beads or sparkling designs to make it elegant.

2. Contrasting colors and designs

We can always compliment colors over the other or we can break the rules and contrast all the designs from the cake with each other. One great factor for this one if you can customize a tooth hierarchy which the first bottom layer has different sparkling colors and the second layer has a plain white color. To top it off, you can even customize the name of the baby if it’s already revealed or just the word ‘BABY’ and sprinkle it with the same colors and designs that will use on the bottom layer. Contrasting but cute.

3. The size of the cake matters with the number of the guest

One of the key factors to an adorable baby shower cake is how much people will you be expecting on the party aside from the guest of honor or the mother-to-be. If you are expecting a huge number of crowd, then you can incorporate the cake on the baby shower by the number of guests. On the other hand, if you are just expecting an intimate and close people on the party then a smaller cake with a cute design will surely adore the theme, decorations, and the overall. Remember that before you decide on the size of the cake you have to know as well the number of the guest list.

16 Adorable Baby Shower Cake Tips
16 Adorable Baby Shower Cake Tips

4. Moving effects for an adorable cake

One of the best ways that you can create a cute and adorable cake for a baby shower is to provide moving effects on a customized cake, like dripping chocolate from the top going over until the bottom of the tier or layer of the cake that you have chosen. Make sure that the dripping effect will also incorporate on the chosen theme that you have for the party.

5. Animal faces all over the cake

If your sim is all about wild jungle or safari then this animal faces covering or ornamenting the whole cake will surely be a great option. You can even make animals that are made from sweets or candies to ornament the whole masterpiece.

6. Go for classic decorations

As the saying goes that nothing beats the classic so as when it comes to decorating a baby shower cake. Of course, you can always add a personal touch on the classic design to keep it in vibe with modern style.

7. A simple collection of everything

There are no rules on a customized cake for a baby shower theme party that you cannot put less or you cannot put more as long as you make it a collection of everything that is based on the theme or what we wanted to put in there will surely be in there. Check out all the hobbies or interests of the mother-to-be that incorporate them as decorations on the baby shower cake which still connects to the theme.

8. Designs from invites to sweet cakes

Surely you can as creative as simple with the designs from themes, invitations, decorations, party favors, and of course, connected with the cake as well! Now that is uniquely uniform.

9. Something sweet and something fresh

Having a theme about bohemian or something summer or floral fun? Add something sweet with something fresh on a baby shower cake to make it really look the best. You can never go wrong with something fresh as flowers ornamenting or decorating a cake for a baby coming ahead. You can also include on the customized cake candy flowers that your guests will surely love to try.

10. A realistic design to copy baby things

It is not just about adult, yes it is about those little baby things. Why not customize a baby shower cake with all the essential things that the little one needs when they arrived? Find a great baker. Customized realistic things but surely are edible and sweet.

16 Adorable Baby Shower Cake Tips
16 Adorable Baby Shower Cake Tips

11. A toy or a teddy at the top

The cake topper always gives an impression not to the guest but for the mother to be. How about including a real toy or a teddy bear on top of your customized cake for a wonderful celebration of a new life coming ahead. Let the mother-to-be keep the toy or the coming baby.

12. Comic and funky designs

Serious is boring. Not just as a statement but how about trying to create a customized cake that is comic and has funny designs that will surely when you laid your eyes all you can feel is a good kind of laugh? You can even make it not see if you want if it’s only a closed celebration between close these friends.

13. A sweet explosive collection

Who would never want to include chocolates on the cake? I mean an overflowing collection of sweets that will explode on a customized cake as a design. Now we are talking about sweets!

16 Adorable Baby Shower Cake Tips
16 Adorable Baby Shower Cake Tips

14. Baby clothes shoes and anything small

A design of baby clothes or baby shoes or anything small that the little one would surely use. Give up the best unique designs that you can ever think off for the party stopper, eye-grabber, centerpiece cake for a baby shower.

15. Mommy and baby design

Regardless of what you choose as a design for the cake shura nothing beats a mommy together with her baby design for a cake. The mother-to-be would surely appreciate a unique celebration for her upcoming baby.

16. A statement or message as a decoration

You can make it extra special by creating a design or a decoration that you wanted to tell mommy as a sweet message to everyone will see and read it while enjoying a piece of a sweet cake for a shower party.

There are still a lot of different ideas and designs to choose from for a baby shower cake and the creativity that you put on it makes it a complete thoughtful gesture not just for the mother but for the guests coming over. And it is also a sweet treat for everyone.


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