15 Effective Baby Sleep Tips For Exhausted Moms
Sleeping baby - 15 Effective Baby Sleep Tips For Exhausted Moms

As a new mom, everyone may have told you how you will be deprived of sleep for the first week to a couple of months and straightforward, but we will teach you the effective baby sleep tips for exhausted moms that will save you from being tired as early as possible. Remember that these baby sleep tips are intended not just to give your little one good night of sleep but most especially for moms to regain their energy for the rest of the days and nights. Check them out!

What are the best baby sleep tips that you must try to get yourself enough rest without compromising your baby and your health as well? Are these baby sleep tips for a newborn baby or can you try them with your older babies to toddlers? Are there any baby sleep tips for a baby transitioning to toddlers?

The Best And Effective Baby Sleep Tips For Babies

15 Effective Baby Sleep Tips For Exhausted Moms
Cute baby sleeping – 15 Effective Baby Sleep Tips For Exhausted Moms

We have compiled the best and effective baby sleep tips that exhausted moms need to sleep better as well. Plus an insight of how you must establish the most effective baby sleep tips and create a routine that is both beneficial for you and your little one. Having slept better, your baby will more likely to smile more as well.

We know how hard it is to function when you literally haven’t had a two-hour deep sleep for the whole night. It will exhaust you to the core and you cannot enjoy motherhood or your little one. But don’t worry, we got you covered in this area and here are the must-try and effective baby sleep tips for you. Get that blanket and you’re about to snooze longer than the last time you remember!

Eye Contact Excites Your Baby

15 Effective Baby Sleep Tips For Exhausted Moms
No eye contact to let them relax – 15 Effective Baby Sleep Tips For Exhausted Moms

If you haven’t noticed or nobody hasn’t told you yet, eye contact is the best bonding moments between you and your baby. It regulates their heartbeat, making them really excited. The best way to do a lot of eye contact is during the day time when you are playing with them or having a great bonding time with them. But during the night, before bedtime, it is best not to excite them and avoid this activity. This way, you are also telling your little one the difference between night and day. They will realize that sooner, it is time to snooze.

Set A Bedtime Routine

There are different ways on how you can set up a bedtime routine for your little one. Why not try doing the same things for a couple of weeks to prepare your little one of the daily schedule. You can even give your baby a nice warm bath as a sign that the whole day has finally ended and it is time to relax and sleep.

Give The Last Feeding When It’s About Time For You To Sleep

Regardless if you are breastfeeding or formula feeding your baby, offer the last feeding before you hit the bed. That way it will be more likely that your little one will wake up sooner but will allow you to have longer hours or extend your minutes sleeping. Once you feed your baby, you can put them to the crib or where you prefer for them to sleep when they are half sleepy.

Dim The Light To Regulate Sleep

15 Effective Baby Sleep Tips For Exhausted Moms
Let baby know when it is time to sleep – 15 Effective Baby Sleep Tips For Exhausted Moms

Our body clock knows when to sleep, especially when there are fewer lights or the lights are dim. The best way to make your baby sleep is to set the circadian rhythm or what others know as the internal body clock for both adults and babies. The dimmer the light is, the more you will easily stimulate your babies sleeping patterns soon. You can even set all the lights in the room or the house to dim.

Control Your Baby’s Room Temperature

Make sure that your baby’s room temperature is set is a cooler mode during the night. This will help your little one get the feeling and the need to sleep sooner. It is always nice to sleep in a cold place, just make sure that it not that cold or hot for your baby’s room so they will feel comfortable during the night and sleep more. These are some of the best and effective baby sleep tips that you must try so you can have a better sleep with your little one as well.

Baby Swings Will Save You

There is just something magical about swings that baby falls asleep better with them. No, it is not a bad habit, as long as you are allowing your baby to sleep better and relax. If baby swing is better than using a white noise machine or even swaddling your little one, then why not do it? I personally have used the baby swing for my baby and until now, she sleeps for two hours or more, which means a few more hours for me to relax too.

Reduce Caffeine Intake, So As With Soda

15 Effective Baby Sleep Tips For Exhausted Moms
Baby sleeping in a hammock – 15 Effective Baby Sleep Tips For Exhausted Moms

If you are exclusively breastfeeding, then you must know that your food intake affects your little one’s behavior as well. Especially if you are drinking coffee before every feeding. The amount of caffeine that you drink will be passed on to your baby. This goes from your breast milk to their bloodstream and can last up to four days. Which can be a cause of them being hyper for some time. Soda can also have the same effects with how much your intake as coffee.

Don’t Hush It Out

Your baby got used to the loud noise when she is in your tummy, so you don’t really need to hush a bye. You can let your baby get used to the loud noise when she sleeps. This is beneficial for you and for your baby. Making enough loud noise will help your baby get used to it and have a night of better sleep as they grow. You can also try putting a song in the background or any white noise machine to soothe your baby when they sleep.

Bottle Feed Even With Breast Milk

Allowing your baby to get used to feeding on a bottle with your breast milk has a lot of benefits, not just for your baby but most especially for you. You can even let your husband take a turn for feeding during the night and stock on milk. This will give you longer snooze time, or even a better shifting time between you and your husband. So pump some breast milk during the night and have a night of better sleep as well.

Diaper Change

If your baby does not have a soiled diaper yet after feeding, then skip the diaper change and just let your baby sleep after burping.

Skip Burping

Though burping is essential for a newborn baby after feeding, regardless if you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, you can try skipping the process when your baby grows a little. Check if they are feeling better if you skip a few times. If they seem okay and comfortable without burping in the night, then let it be so you can sleep better too.

Filling Your Baby more During The Night

One of the best ways to try and allow your baby to sleep more during the night is by feeding them with a lesser time interval during the night. This makes them full and allows them to sleep longer at night. If you are feeding your baby between three hours, try working with it in between two hours and see how they sleep.

Baby Massage

Have a simple bonding moment to help your baby relax with simple baby massages even before bedtime.

Make Your Baby Cozy

Whether your baby sleeps next to you or on her crib, make sure that it is a cozy space for them. Newborn babies tend to love being enclosed to have a better quality of sleep. They feel secure when they are enclosed.

Rise And Let The Light Shine

Let your baby be wake up with the light coming from the window of her room. This signals her body clock that night time is finished.

Tips For Toddlers To Sleep Early

Be creative and don’t force your toddler to sleep, though you will be doing that, but try making it in a fun way. You can make bedtime exciting and something to look forward to your baby. Like you will be chatting and reading a  nice book. Having make-up bedtime story or even sharing fun experiences with them.

Early bedtime is better for your toddler to sleep longer than you expect them to be.

We hope that this baby sleep tips will help you and your baby or toddler have better sleep sooner!



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