15 Baby Shower Themes For Boys
15 Baby Shower Themes For Boys

Looking for the best baby shower themes for boys that will surely sweep every heart away and ignite the excitement is what makes every party memorable. The theme, decorations, invitations, food for the guests, party favors and take home gifts are all connected with each other in super cute ways, just like the new member of the family where everyone is happy to see soon!

What are the unique and adorable baby shower themes for boys to look forward with? What are the modern and diverse baby shower themes for boys that rocks every organize a party? Are there simple and budget-friendly baby shower themes for boys that you can use but does look classy and extraordinary?

The Best, Modern, Diverse And Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Themes For Boys

15 Baby Shower Themes For Boys
15 Baby Shower Themes For Boys

Who would never love baby showers and the different yet adorable baby shower themes for boys when you are waiting for that handsome little lad coming to the neighborhood, right? The theme for the next baby shower is one of the most crucial and enjoyable parts of the party before the party comes. It is the melting point and the first decision before you can set up the whole place and send those invitations to all the guests set the date and wait for the first ever RSVP message. As an organizer for the mother-to-be and the little baby on its way, you need to decide what will be the best baby shower themes for boys that you can pick.

There is actually a massive list of the best, modern, diverse and budget-friendly baby shower themes for boys that you can choose from. You can start from A to Z and all the cute wild animals in the forest, go down under the sea and meet sailor ahead, to the universe and galactic beings starting off with Buzz LightYear! The possibilities and options for the best baby shower themes for boys are endless and every year, with new kids movies filling up, definitely you will find one that is really beyond excellent!

You can stick with the traditional themes for boys or go modern and funky. Check out our wonderful list and options and hope you find one that suits the idea ahead.

15 Baby Shower Themes For Boys
15 Baby Shower Themes For Boys

Baby Shower Themes For Boys

We’ve compiled traditional and modern themes here:

Baby Safari

A whole new touch of modern vibe to welcome the handsome little lad, this baby shower theme for a boy will definitely make everyone wild and glad. Decorate the place with colorful balloons and printable animal banners to match the occasion, don’t forget to pour the table with sweets and cute cupcake treats!

Cacti For The Little Baby

Who would never love the adorable cuteness of fresh cacti and succulents in pots for taking home afterward? The decorations can be anything adorable and cuddly, like make it green and some touch of blue, a backdrop that welcomes the little guy will be so lovely. Make the table filled with sweets and cupcakes and tier of cake that looks like cacti will add more glam and joy to everyone, including the mom-to-be.

Little Mustache Theme For Boys

Shades of blue, some gold or silver and a touch of white, ahoy the little mustache is all that’s everyone’s been waiting. Let the guest have their mustache on for a unique yet one of a kind party they’ll surely remember. The table must have mustache decorations and touches too. You can DIY some and stick them on the table, in the drinking straws and even a customized cake and cupcakes will match this special event for the little one coming ahead.

15 Baby Shower Themes For Boys
15 Baby Shower Themes For Boys

Elephant-Themed Baby Shower

You will never go wrong with an elephant-themed baby shower for a boy. The pachyderm is a great theme when you include elephant decorations and some edible treats along. The place can be filled with ornaments of blue and gold, silver and some flags and banners that incorporate with the colors from the invitations to match this colorful and joyous event.

Sailor Ahoy Little Man

When it comes to a little guy, the sailor theme baby shower can never go wrong. The oceans, the decorations of waves can be customized and make it lovely. Together with the sweets and candies, there are a lot of possibilities for the best sailor themed party. Make a DIY sailboat to complete the adventure.

15 Baby Shower Themes For Boys
15 Baby Shower Themes For Boys

Prince and The Royal Themed Party

The new prince is coming and the party must be ready, classy and of course fun too. A customized cake crown or some cupcakes will surely add elegance to the party. The decorations and banners must be connected to each other. Make the place rich with gold and blue garland and banners of crowns. There are a lot of ideas and DIY printables with this theme for a boy.

Fireman Theme Baby

Make that little boy the new hero in town decorate the place with different colors of red balloons and white to incorporate with the fireman theme. You can also add a fire truck on your centerpiece to give a unique style for the party.

Lego-Themed party

Make that lego themed construction site all over the place with the primary colors as the one decorating the whole place with these plastic toys. Everything can be customized with this him or you can set up the place with a different style but make sure that there are a construction sign and the equipment used for construction for your lego. The future builder will surely love this theme for boys.

Outdoor Camping Site Theme

The future parents will surely love this modern with a touch of vintage style baby shower theme for a boy. There are lots of ideas you can incorporate with this theme like for example anything that you can find outdoors or campaign light waves would pine cones and lanterns.

Car-Themed Baby Shower Party

Ladies and gentlemen make sure that your engines are ok are there will be a race ahead coming your way! Surely daddy will love this baby shower theme for a boy especially it’s all about engines,  cars, and in between. Decorate the wall place with different road signs and of course racing signs. Make sure that your whole family is part of the pit crew for the next future Formula1 champion.

Cowboy Theme Party

Make sure that the red velvet cake is ready together with some boots, ropes, and decorations of horses everywhere. Stacks of hay should be in the right place. Make it vintage and make it unique. Hooray for the future cowboy is coming near!

Dino-Themed Party

Everyone will definitely love this dinosaur themed party for the little baby coming ahead. Decorate the whole place with different dinosaurs and don’t forget the t-rex as the main course. You can decorate the whole place with different colors of balloons from orange, green, brown, and yellow.

Whale Themed Party

You can never go wrong with the nautical-themed party and the waves plus put some nice ocean creatures there to complement the whole theme. You can even add balloons of different colors to add a new twist to the nice theme for boys.

Carnival Theme Party

Everybody loves carnival, popcorn, sweets, balloons, and magic shows. Everything is wonderful with the bright and colorful decorations that you can put all over the place. Make banners and flags all over the place to complement this theme.

Rockstar Theme Party

Rock and roll theme party for the new star of the family. Everyone will definitely love coming to a concert with the little man. Customized the cake with guitars and other instruments. Black, red and some electric blue to complement the whole place.


There are still a lot of baby shower themes for boys that you can choose from. And hope this compilation will help you decide what you wanted for the next big baby shower party.


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