14 Best Words Of Wisdom For A New Mom
14 Best Words Of Wisdom For A New Mom

The baby showers are one way to celebrate the coming of a new life to parents-to-be and give wonderful tips and words of wisdom for a new mom. There will be a lot of changes coming along the way through their life but with every gathering, especially baby shower games will be a great help. Expect to have a lot of words of wisdom for a new mom from experienced mother’s or those who have been first-time moms before and give advice that they wish someone had told her or them earlier.

What are the best words of wisdom for a new mom that you can give the mother-to-be especially during a get-together and baby showers? What words of wisdom for a new mom can you contribute or wish somebody would have told you before that you want to share?

Best Words Of Wisdom For A New Mom

14 Best Words Of Wisdom For A New Mom
14 Best Words Of Wisdom For A New Mom

Jumping over to motherhood is probably one of the most magical things a woman will experience through her entire life. Being a first-time mother seems to be overwhelming at times by just thinking of a new life that is coming into the world and is entitled to be with you. You get mixed emotion of nervousness, anxiety, getting worried, and excited all at the same time. You’d probably went wondering how did those mothers survive the first stage of . Remember that it’s ok to ask questions and not know all the answers all at the same time. With these words of wisdom for a new mom like you or anyone that you know will definitely be a big help in the transition of their new life coming ahead.

Best Tips And Advice For New Mothers Or Soon-To-Be Mom

There would be lots of words of wisdom for a new mom that you will encounter not only with your friends but with a lot of people who have been there before. You can absorb all those that will help you and nod or smile to every comment, suggestion or advice and tips that you will have along the way. The thing is you don’t need to learn everything all at once and just take it one step at a time, especially all about having a new baby and the itself.

Take a lot of sleep

I remember someone telling this to one of the new moms or an expecting mom on a lazy Friday afternoon during a checkup with my sister. This was also told to me by the doctor even before my due date. At first, I was hesitant but along the way, there are a lot of people who have been telling soon to be a mother to rest and get enough sleep as much as they can because once the baby is delivered you will be thankful that you’ve had at least two hours of sleep.

14 Best Words Of Wisdom For A New Mom
14 Best Words Of Wisdom For A New Mom

On the other hand, If you are a new mother then sleep seems to be impossible during the first few weeks or months after delivery. You will have to attend to the needs of your baby every now and then and have to feed him or her every two to three hours consecutively. There will be a lot of changes not only on your routines but on your body clock and the things that you’ve been doing before once the baby is delivered. That is why it is best to take a lot of rest and pamper yourself with ‘me’ time as much as possible.

Go out and have a date

Ideally, not just for the mother but for the parents who are expecting a baby on their family need to go out and have a date or have more moments together. It may seem like a not as meaningful piece of advice but it will once you notice that you can’t even leave the house properly like before.

Everything’s going to be fine

Remember that you are just experiencing one of the most wonderful phases in your life the moment that you have your baby with you. There will be times that you get overwhelmed with the situation and you will feel tired, anxious, upset, happy, excited, and all those emotions mixed together all at the same time. Enjoy every moment for they won’t last forever and before you know it you’re already on the next chapter of .

Cherish every moment

14 Best Words Of Wisdom For A New Mom
14 Best Words Of Wisdom For A New Mom

Even if those nights that you really wanted to sleep but you can’t because your baby wants to be cuddled or held close to you. Find beauty in everything even if you feel like giving up or crying at times. You will feel tired and that’s ok, that’s normal. Cherish those cute moments with your baby for they grow up so fast. As much as possible record every moment and each development that they make. It’s ok to share with your little angel for hours.

Ask for help

You are not a superwoman or a superhero that does not run out of energy. It’s ok to ask for help especially if you feel like you can’t take care of the baby properly because you are just too tired or sleepy. If you need someone to talk to, then talk about what you feel and what is running on your mind. Always remember that before you, there was a mother who has already experienced and felt what you are feeling.

Stay calm

Even if you feel like screaming your heart out or just wanted to run away at times, don’t lose yourself and stay calm. Remember that is just a phase of motherhood and you will survive it, you are strong.

There is no manual written about how to become the best parent

14 Best Words Of Wisdom For A New Mom
14 Best Words Of Wisdom For A New Mom

It comes naturally and grows with love. One of the best ways to become the best parent is always thinking of the best things that you wanted for your child. There are no manuals ever published on how to become the best parent in the world and it’s ok to make mistakes and learn from them. Motherhood is one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have in your entire life. It will also be the scariest thing that you ever feel of not knowing what to do in certain situations and that is entirely ok and normal.

 Don’t be too hard on yourself

You don’t need to be perfect and you are not perfect but a beautiful soul in a beautiful world. Don’t be too hard on yourself if things get wrong or things are not right. One of the best ways of becoming a mother is to start every day with something new from the things that you have learned yesterday. Being entitled to look after a little creature who does not know anything is one of the most wonderful gifts you ever have. It’s ok that there will be days you won’t feel like loving your baby as much as you love them yesterday but it will improve over time. Take baby steps together with your little one.

Do not compare yourself or your baby with others

You are unique and that is beautiful your baby is unique and that is wonderful. Never ever compare yourself or what others do to their baby to yours. Everyone has a different phase and every one is unique in different ways.

Your baby has her own timeline, don’t rush

This is all about not comparing your baby from the rest of those little kids that you knew. Remember that everyone has their own timeline and you don’t need to rush things up but enjoy every second that is passing by.

Breath And Let Go

There will be times that it will not fall perfectly how you wanted it to be. You are going to skip a shower, have piles of dishes in the sink, your baby is going to pee or poop on you.  You will forget how to put makeup and perfume and you will smell incredibly horrible at times and that’s ok. Remember that for your little one you are a wonderful and beautiful world. If your baby doesn’t stop crying, stay calm. Breath and remember that this is just a phase and it will eventually be ok.

Be patient with your baby

The only way that your baby can communicate with you is by crying or laughing so be patient when your baby is crying and doesn’t seem to stop. Check them properly and look for the booboo part or what’s keeping them uncomfortable. Talk to them in your most calm and sweet voice and sing for them.

If things are getting worse or you still don’t know anything, then call your mother

Trust your instincts but if things seem to be falling apart then the best way to do is call your mother for help. Surely all your girlfriends and other closest relatives would really want to help you but nothing beats the feeling of being with your mother on a special journey that you are experiencing right now.

Enjoy every baby step of motherhood

There are a lot of advice that you will receive and words of wisdom for a new mom that will help you get along every day. It is all about having fun along the journey and taking all the necessary information and knowledge that will help you along the way with how you will race a little angel who is totally dependent on you.

Remember that you will feel different emotions along the way as a new mother and you don’t need to know everything all at once. Asking for help is essential and if someone volunteers to help then be thankful and allow them to do so. Don’t forget who you are and leave some time for yourself alone. Remember to love yourself along the journey so that you can have a lot more love to share with your little one.

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for a new mom? Share them with us!



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