13 Twin Baby Shower Theme Ideas
13 Twin Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Ever wonder how you organize a twin baby shower theme ideas to incorporate this double the fun celebration for everyone? Aside from that “two in a pod” thing and the “tea for two” baby shower party ideas, you can create a unique shower party for your cutie pair that will surely make the celebration more than double and marble!

What are the best twin baby shower ideas and themes you can try to make the celebration extra special? What is the difference between organizing a traditional baby shower from a twin baby shower party? What are the factors to consider for a successful twin baby shower party that you want to organize as soon as possible?

The Best Twin Baby Shower Party Ideas To Look Forward To

13 Twin Baby Shower Theme Ideas
13 Twin Baby Shower Theme Ideas

There are different ways on how you can celebrate a twin baby shower party just like organizing a traditional party for one. Though there are just some factors to consider, especially for the mother to be if you are organizing a twin baby shower party for her. Remember to always consider the right time for the baby shower party for a mother expecting twins. Commonly for mothers who are expecting twins or pair of a baby is that baby showers were celebrated earlier than traditional ones.

This is because most mothers who are expecting twins need to take rest on their trimester and they are easily getting tired. Another factor is that most mothers who are expecting twins deliver earlier than their due dates. If you really wanted to set your baby shower four to six weeks before your due date then you can definitely do that.

If you happen to deliver earlier than that your due date then you can definitely organize a Sip and See for your baby to meet the rest of your family members and friends. This is less hassle and less preparation if you wanted to do this one instead of a traditional baby shower one. Mostly it is just the family members and close to friends who are invited on a sip and see shower party.

Baby Shower For A Twin Party

Now let’s get back to the different twin baby shower theme and ideas that you can use in organizing that double the fun shower party for your little ones!

13 Twin Baby Shower Theme Ideas
13 Twin Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Boy and Girl Theme

There are different types of boy and girls in that you can incorporate especially if you are having twins and you know that gender is a boy and a girl. You can create a curly bow and a mustache for your decorations to tell the world that you’re having a pair of a girl and a boy.

You can also use a theme about Jack and Jill on the nursery rhyme. There are a lot of things incorporating a boy and a girl for your baby shower theme ideas and nursery rhymes are a great way of looking for much more creative themes for your pair.

Royal Gathering: Princess And Prince

You’re different ways on how you can execute this kind of theme in a lovely and majestic way based on the decorations that you wanted to use for your event. You can even customize a cake specially made half pink and half with blue to match the occasion. For the decorations, you can have different colors of pink and blue or any rainbow colors that incorporate your theme. Don’t forget the crowns for your decorations or your backdrop and some nice gold or silver banners or flags for the two royal blood.

Superhero Theme

This is another way of celebrating a twin baby shower party. There are so many ideas you can choose from when it comes to superhero teams and decorations that will match or mix and match the event.  This is going to be cold as you are expecting to superheroes was going to change your world in different ways.

Pink And Blue

One plus two, there is a pink and blue! This is a cute and exciting way of decorating your venue especially if you are doing a gender reveal kind of baby shower party for your twins. The good thing is you don’t need to worry about what color should you emphasize more or less because it will give the nice to sweet for your guest list to have a while guess of your to youth angels coming the way. You can even decorate the room with pink balloons on the other side and blue balloons on the opposite side.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

One of the most popular themes for twin baby shower party is the Thing 1 and Thing 2 which you can incorporate with any Dr. Seuss book or you can even customize it using another kind of thing or theme has a twist. There are so many creative ways on how you can customize this kind of theme from changing it to an underwater fishy theme for your pair.

13 Twin Baby Shower Theme Ideas
13 Twin Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Nest Theme

Choose the bird that you wanted to be the subject of your nestle twin baby shower party. You can go for an owl or any birds as long as you have the nest and the eggs. To make it even extra special you can even bake or customize cookies that look like a nest and put two eggs on top of them for a fun and decorative sweet.

Jungle or Safari Theme

There are a lot of different animals to choose from which one you really wanted to be the center for the decorations and table sweet snacks and favors. You can’t even use monkeys to decorate the whole place and hang them all over the place to create that unique jungle or safari feel for you and the guests coming.

Cowboys and Bandanas

Bandanas, cowboy boots, banners, and flags and a little of that retro or vintage style to decorate the whole place will give you this unique feel for a twin baby shower party especially if you’re expecting to boys for cowboys!

Ships Ahoy! Two Captain’s Onboard

This nautical base shower party is one of the best ideas you can create that gives you the challenge when it comes to decorations, party favors, and the take home. To give you a head start, you can even think of a ship made of baby towels to complete a unique and fun. the theme. You can even customize or personalize the tables with your cupcakes and cakes that you will prepare for your guests and the mother-to-be.

13 Twin Baby Shower Theme Ideas
13 Twin Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Mario Bros

This one is a great theme especially if you’re expecting to boys coming ahead. The red and green combination plus the mustache will give the guests and the mother or parents be a fun reminiscing moment on the famous game from Nintendo. Don’t stress yourself if you are using this kind of team as the red and green can be the base for a perfect decoration the set up the event.

Tea For Two

It is a simple theme yet gives a fun feeling for the mother to be and the guests coming over. Don’t forget the teacups decorated with something slip on your centerpiece.

Two Peas In A Pod

The best way to execute this kind of thing is to make everything in green. Another great scene if you are still unaware of the gender of your pair. Everything should be green including those balloons which represent peas in a pod.

Doublemint Gum theme

This also is all about the shades of green or pairs of everything for your decorations including balloons and your party favors. Make sure that everything inside the room is compared to represent the pair coming ahead.

Once you have decided that thing that you wanted to use for your twin baby shower party then don’t forget to think of fun games for your guests to entertain during the celebration.

There are also a lot of small things that you can do as activities during your baby shower party with asking for the guests to give of sweet messages for you and the baby coming and had written on a cute book or notebook.

There is no difference if you are organizing a traditional or single baby shower party with a twin baby shower party. Invitation theme party favors decorations backdrops take-home giveaways are almost all the same. Even the baby shower etiquette does not change regardless if you’re having one or pair coming ahead.


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