13 Excellent Facts About Breastfeeding
13 Excellent Facts About Breastfeeding

You might have heard about stories before or have personally seen how new mom struggle to breastfeed their baby and knowing the amazing facts about breastfeeding will make you wanted to be part of this age-old movement. Whether you are into breastfeeding or not, as long as you are feeding love to your newborn baby, you must be proud of yourself. However, let’s learn more about the different facts about breastfeeding that you need to know, probably some are known while others are new to you.

What are the facts about breastfeeding that you need to know as a new mom or as someone who is into doing this sooner? How can these facts about breastfeeding help new moms cope with ? How breastfeeding help new moms fight postpartum depression as well?

The Great Facts About Breastfeeding You Need To Know

13 Excellent Facts About Breastfeeding
13 Excellent Facts About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding has been in practice before we even know it, it was the sole way before of how you feed your newborn baby until such time that breastfeeding became a challenge. So to avoid compromising the health of newborn babies, came formula milk. But then, what are the amazing facts about breastfeeding that you need to know as a mom or an advocate?

Check these facts about breastfeeding and how you can make the most of the wonderful milk made for babies.

Facts And Breastfeeding Trivia

Knowing a few trivia and facts about breastfeeding will help you further understand this commitment with life long benefits, not just for you as a mom but for your newborn baby.

What Is Colostrum?

Colostrum is considered the first yellowish liquid that comes out of the mother’s breast after delivery. That is in fact a magic liquid that has all the antibodies that your newborn baby need to boost their immune system. The way to stimulate the colostrum off your body is the more skin-to-skin contact that you can have with your newborn baby. It is essential for them to have this very first flow of nutrients for their body. Don’t be too hard on yourself on how or when will you feed your newborn baby. Enjoy the first-hour couple of hours together.

13 Excellent Facts About Breastfeeding
13 Excellent Facts About Breastfeeding

Your real milk will come out sooner than you expect as the body naturally stimulate food for your baby. Let your little one star sucking your breast after delivery. That way your body will know that it needs to start making food for that adorable bundle of joy.

Breast Engorgement

They are painful and your breast will feel like they are gonna burst in no time. That is normal especially in the first few days after delivery. The best way to relieve breast engorgement is by allowing your newborn baby to suck on them. They will be better after every feeding. You will feel this engorgement as a sign that it is time for your little one’s meal.

Though there will be a lot of time that this may happen even if you feed your little one. This is a great sign as well that you have plenty of supply for your little one and sooner, their demand for milk will increase as they grow day by day. Maintain a well nourish meal every day to sustain the energy that you need to take care of your little baby and most especially yourself.

13 Excellent Facts About Breastfeeding
13 Excellent Facts About Breastfeeding

If engorgement still continues and is giving you a hard time or becomes inevitable, you can deserve a fast relief, especially if your baby just finishes their feeding time, you can try working with the following:

  • Lay down. Your breast will feel fuller and they are becoming heavier than what you expect and thought. One great way to relieve the pain from breast engorgement is by simply lying not on your back but on your tummy to decrease the gravity pull for your breast.
  • Ice packs will soothe the pain somehow. You can apply some cold packs of ice on your breast to ease the pain. One great and homemade but highly effective remedy for engorgement of your breast is a frozen cabbage leaf. The shape is perfectly fit with your breast and the coldness will ease the pain you have.
  • Breast pump. Remember that it will be hard for your newborn baby to latch and be fed when your breast is hard. It will be a struggle for you both to help each other. The breast pump will be the best remedy by pumping out some milk to lessen the milk that is present in your breast. But they will still be hard if you did not remove a lot. Some new moms remove the milk and put them on milk bag container to be freeze.
  • The heat will somehow relieve the pain when you had a shower to reduce a little bit of milk. But with consistent feeding sessions with your little one, surely you will come up with a solution that will help you ease the breast engorgement sooner than you think.

Breastfeeding Survival Kit For Moms

Surely you are more than prepared for all the things that your little one needs. You have prepared them all beforehand. Making sure that everything is well organized, but having a baby is not just about organizing but being prepared with almost anything. That also includes the survival kit for new moms and how they need products like this.

  • Breast pump – highly recommended having one either you go for electric or manual. This will also produce enough supply for you to stay out of the house if you have someone to look after your little one for a few hours.
  • NIpple cream or ointment – find a cream or an ointment that is specially designed to ease your pain as a nursing mother.
  • Nursing bras – as much as possible, while you are still breastfeeding, avoid dressing up with nursing bras that have underwire in them as they will hinder the production of milk for your little one. There are a lot of nursing bras in great style now that you can choose from.
  • Nursing pads – a great way to lessen the dirty laundry from getting into skyrocket high especially during the first week to months after delivery.
  • Nursing Pillow – the best and intelligently design pillow to support nursing mothers to have comfortable breastfeeding sessions every time. This will not just be beneficial for you but for your newborn baby as well.

Seek Help When Needed

13 Excellent Facts About Breastfeeding
13 Excellent Facts About Breastfeeding

If you are experiencing painful breastfeeding session or some cracked or bleeding nipples, then there must be something wrong on how you position or hold your baby to be fed. You will be in need of help for lactation experts to help you soothe this kind of problem and make your breastfeeding sessions enjoyable and help you bond with your little one properly. It will really hurt as some point during each session but it will become better as you pursue and get along with the journey. You also need to be patient with yourself as to how patient you will be with your little baby.

Regardless if you have breastfed your baby the moment you gave birth or not, there are a lot of options that you can breastfeed them. One of the great facts about breastfeeding is that you can always start with it with more patience and perseverance. There are some cases that you cannot have a skin-to-skin contact just as soon as possible but surely you can always start with simple ways.

There are some incidents that since they have preemies, or you have gone to c-section, you haven’t had an hour or two of kangaroo care but that should not stop you from trying. You can be successful in feeding your baby love.


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