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10 Things you want Kids Party

Not all Moms have the same ideas for her kids party celebration. As we all know that everyone has her own preference and moreover has a different tolerance when it comes to birthday planning. To consider the possibility when it comes to stressful logistics, birthday parties ranks second to weddings. And yet, despite the pressure, most Moms made a success out of it.

Foods in the table for a kiddie party
Foods in the table for a kiddie party

Most parents would love big celebration with lots of people. Others want only a trickle of guests. It may either be your kids are young and you are new to this whole birthday stress-panic-excited party thing, or you have been used to it with your kids and have your living room stained carpets to show for it, we all could use a few fresh ideas to bounce around when it comes to the business of birthdays. Just remember that the best kinds of birthday parties keep kids active—and parents happy.

Getting there is half the fun just like road trips. That is what birthday party planning is all about. Planning and deciding on the , decorations, activities and all other party details make the days leading up to the event seem like part of the celebration itself. It does not need to be extravagant — kids will be happy with a small party as long as they are made to feel special. Even a simple party requires planning; the sooner you start organizing, the earlier the excitement begins and the fewer details you will have to work out on the day itself.

The birthday child will most likely have ideas about the kind of party he wants, so it is best to involve him in the planning. Let him pick the theme (after all it is his big day), help you with shopping and decorating, and take part in baking the cake and in the preparation of the finger foods. Doing so helps spread out the anticipation; that way the focus is not on a couple of hours of a single day. Although it might be more well-organized to do it all yourself, there is pleasure in working with your child towards a significant goal.  And the reward is, enabling him to enjoy with his friends the magical day he helped plan.

Kids are enjoying eating their food
Kids are enjoying eating their food

A number of kids are flexible and will conform to whatever and celebration you put in, as long as there is a party with lots of fun, attention from the parents because it is a big day for the celebrant and a little bit of likeness to the normal routine.. However, knowing your own child, his character and mood swings, you have to adjust to the level of whatever activities you think he can handle.

And here comes the fact that anything you do requires some work. Just sharing the birthday cake with your one-year-old is such a mess, but it is so much fun! And that is what it is all about, providing everyone most especially you and your child, the best times ever. A party though not much of extravagance, and yet the happiness it inflicts your child will forever be treasured.

 In other scenarios wherein you have to consider having a separate set of parties; one for the grown-up crowd like the grandparents, adult friends and other relatives, and the kiddie group like the cousins, playmates, and your child’s classmates. Each crowd has needs that are different from the other such as food, drinks and a few hours of adult conversation of catching–up. While a party full of kids on the same group age should be entertained non-stop with games and activities, and kid-friendly foods.

Whether you are throwing a Star Wars-themed party or a Fairy party, there is one party component that you should never forget, and that is Music!Kids get bored so abruptly, but music never fail to lighten the mood swing of the kids and turn a regular party into a lively and crazy dance party.Dancing it out to familiar and their favorite tunes will help kids mingle, and they will go home exhausted from hours of swinging their tiny bodies around.

So while you might decide to choose an outdoor adventure and search out for a local spot, there are Top 10 Kiddie Party Venue and Packages to help you out. However, at your own prerogative, you would want to plan your own party at home or elsewhere, there are lots of artistic ways to make it a one-of-a-kind birthday bash, with high-energy level, stress-free, hassle-free and basically memorable for both you and your child.

Top 10 Type of Things You Would Want for a Kids Party

Prepare the birthday celebrator

Kids are eating ice cream
Kids are eating ice cream

Being the star of the party may gather different reactions from your birthday child, may be overwhelmed and tinge with anticipation that a few days before the party he can no longer eat and sleep of excitement. You better talk to your birthday child of things to be expected. Keep your child’s personal belongings such as special books and most loved toys that your child will not be very happy and comfortable to share with other kids. Explain to him that his friends might visit his room and play with his toys, and scan over his books. And do not forget to remind him that after the party, there will be a great reward he has been looking forward to presents!

Kids love loot bags or party favor bags

And they particularly do not make a big deal of what is the contents of the party bags or how much is the costing of each loot bag. All they want is, they get something. So, do not make a big deal too of what you are going to place inside the party loot bags. Just buy something that you yourself wanted your child to receive every time he attends a birthday party. Buy something educational such as an activity book, a puzzle, or just anything that can be practically educational…that makes them learn while playing! Also, include some fish crackers or lemon Grahams in each bag. Stay safe by avoiding hard candies. And lest you forget, the celebrator has the privilege of one too.

Be innovative with your kiddie foods

Making kid-friendly food is one factor in making your birthday celebration a big success. Kids are no longer interested in sit-down meals most especially at a birthday party. All they want to have is a cupcake or a hotdog on a stick. So you have to prepare a lot of finger foods such as cookies, rolls, fruit slices, pizza, and mallows, so the kids can choose from a wide array of finger foods on the buffet table. Water and fruit juices as well. Kids will really jump and run around until they get back again to the buffet table and water station to refill their hungry and thirsty tummy. Cakes and desserts are a great way to bring out a theme or tint scheme at a child’s party. Drip cakes are still abundantly popular, and offer an almost strange effect. Moreover, they taste just really good as they look, well if not better!

Lots of games, activities and entertainment

Candy loot bags for a kids party
Candy loot bags for a kiddie party

It is suggested that organized kiddie party activities depict success. Fill the party with excitement by creating lots of games that will fit into the ages of your guests. See to it that there will never be a dull moment at the party. Encourage everyone to be alive and energetically participate in the games and activities.

  1. Have an activity to do to warm-up the kids. DIY party hats will be a nice idea. face painting, washable tattoos and hand stamps will be so much fun!
  2. On a scavenger hunt game, the kids can search for not so costly little favors such as balls, and pinwheels. Or something seasonal such as mini pumpkins. At winter time, they can make use of mini mittens, each child gets a mitten and looks for the other half in the scavenger hunt.
  3. It has been stated earlier in this post that music is the life of a party. Some Moms can even splurge an ample amount of a hundred to two hundred dollars for some local entertainer. So that you will not go beyond your budget limit, first you try on this “non-competitive musical chairs”. Set several children’s chairs in a row with enough toy instruments on them so that each kid can have one. Put in a CD and play music as each child marches around the chairs, playing the instruments. When you stop the music, each child puts his or her instrument down and picks up a different one. Start the music and marching again. Stop, switch. Secondly, try on the “freeze dancing”. Play music and have the kids dance. When the music stops, the kids have to freeze. No one has to be “out.” Just play until the kids get bored. Thirdly, is the Musical hot potato. The kids sit in a circle and pass a stuffed toy around while the music plays. When the music stops, the child left holding the toy is “out” (but gets to go somewhere fun). The last one holding the toy wins.
  4. All participants, win or lose, should get a reward. Something small colorful hypoallergenic sticker, or ribbons.

Themed birthday party

 As always, the has been trending from years back to the present. Practised worldwide from the great cities of Paris or Hollywood, to the different states of the USA and down to the suburbs of Asia. When there is a party, the is traditionally packaged. Re-create bygone eras of the Roaring 20s or a time when pirates sailed the seven seas. Live in a fairytale world for an evening, or relive the disco era. Combined ideas to create dozens upon dozens of themes. There are the classics but as time goes by, there are countless of unique party themes that offer you a little something different. No matter what creative party theme you choose, we know you’ll be delighted with the results! For the little princess in your life, you can’t go past a mermaid, fairy or unicorn themed party. For your little prince, a monochromatic space party or a teepee party is a total blast! An example of a neutral gender party theme is a zoo or the circus party theme – these two are timeless and works for both, boys and girls.

Colors everywhere

Healthy foods for your kids party
Healthy foods for your kid’s party

Kids are truly passionate with colors even from age zero! And the best way to celebrate their birthdays is with splashes of vibrant shades at every angle of the venue. Colourful garlands, lanterns, and huge streamers with flaglets and ribbons to adorn the party venue is something great. Balloons have come a long way since being tied to a ribbon and placed on the back of chairs. An overarching balloon installation in the theme’s colours at the entrance door of the party venue or arched at the stage, is a fantastic way to bring even more joy to a party. And, it is even more special if they are metallic! Paired with streamer and garlands to create an impact that screams “that is a whole lot of fun!”

Glamorous and Camping

When it comes to kiddie parties, taking the event outdoors is one big challenge, putting into big account the season, the weather and the venue rental. If the weather allows, you can take advantage of the natural botanica the Mother Nature to use as decorations and host a fantastic and adventurous party in your backyard or even at your local park. If you do not have a large backyard, you can transform your garage or lounge into the perfect setting – just use your ingenuity and imagination!

Picnic birthday blast

Take advantage of the good weather and dry season organizing a kids party at your favourite park is the best gift to your kid. Give your kids next summer birthday celebration a little something special with a picnic theme that will make you the envy of the neighbourhood. You do not have to be a professional party planner to roll the dice. Just keep on scrolling down to know what I am talking about and get the smartest ideas from:

  1. For your decorations, it is easy to handle. Red and green checkered table sheets will give color to the picnic birthday treat!
  2. A steadfast whiteboard with colorful greetings by the venue entrance.
  3. Fruits inspired picnic party hats are easy to make and they can be a take-home treat too.
  4. If it will be an indoor venue, (due to unpredicted inclement weather condition on a summer day), just grab some vintage looking checkered table sheets for a real outdoor-looking set-up. The advantage is, being indoor, you can put up some wicker baskets on the table without having to worry about dirt and crawling insects. Throw some sequins on the table to accentuate and call it done and good!

Stress-free meals on an outdoor celebration

Camping party for kids
Camping party for kids

Eating outdoors with kiddos can be a messy thing oftentimes. Here are some eco-friendly, kid-friendly, no mess, hassle-free meals for those little tummies.

  1. Make sure each kid has his own picnic basket filled with chips, veggies (celery) and dip, fruits and some cookies. Include a bottle of water, lemonade or fresh fruit juice. Do not forget to place a table napkin inside their picnic box.
  2. Single salads – pre-packed the kids picnic foods in a jar to minimize the mess and making it easier for the kids too.
  3. Slice your watermelon into easy to hold sticks instead of cubes. This way you save on utensils. Freeze the sticks to make fruity-healthy popsicles.
  4. Sweeten your lemonade with honey rather than sugar for health reasons.
  5. For a healthy snack that is packed with protein, fruit and cheese kabob is a best seller to kids in an outdoor birthday celebration. You can let the little ones help you cut fruits and cheese into assorted shapes and slide them onto a stick. Mixing berries, melon, or pineapple with a variety of cheese so they do not get tired of this treat. This activity should be under close supervision of an adult.

Surprise gifts for the celebrator

Doting Moms can think of planning surprise gifts for the birthday child, months in advance of the big day. Here are a couple of great ideas of surprise tangible and intangible gifts your child will surely treasure forever.

  1. Fill the car with helium balloons and streamers with a shout out of Happy 7th birthday! And his favorite afternoon snacks waiting at the car’s back seat when you pick him up from school. Just see how wide his grin will be!
  2. A month before your child’s birthday, make a colorful construction paper chain to count down the days until his birthday. On the outside of each link write the number of days left; on the inside, a family member should write a secret message, such as something you love about him or a special memory. Each day, the child would open a link, read what it said, and try to guess who wrote it. Definitely, the chain will make him feel extra special as he geared up for his big day.


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