baby's teeth
Baby's teeth - 10 Interesting Facts About Baby's Teeth That You Need To Know!

As a new mom, you must be wondering when will your little baby’s teeth erupt. There is a different timeline for each baby as when their baby teeth come. There are instances that these pearly whites come out as early as 4 months. While it can also be later than before the first birthday. Check out interesting facts about baby’s teeth that can help you on your baby teeth journey.

When will your baby’s teeth come out? Which tooth will come out first? Is there any chronological order of which of your baby’s teeth will debut first? What are the things you need to remember and know for your baby teething?

The Complete Guide About Your Baby’s Teeth

Whether you confess or not, one way or another, you have to peek in your baby’s mouth to see if her teeth are coming or not. You are excited and anxious at the same time. The sleepless night of your baby crying in pain, it is a normal pace for each baby to walk on through.

There is a different timeline for each baby’s teeth to pop out from their little gums. There are babies who have their teeth as early as three to four months. While there are some cases that the first tooth won’t erupt until the first birthday, or even later on.

Rest assured that with every uniqueness, all babies will have their tooth come out. Usually, the first tooth that pops out of this world is the lower tooth. Your baby’s teeth play an important part in your little one’s health and development.

The baby teeth or deciduous teeth, the very important for the coming of your little one’s permanent teeth. They are the placeholder for this mature teeth later on in their life. That is why taking care of the baby’s teeth are also crucial.

interesting facts about baby's teeth
The second teeth – 10 Interesting Facts About Baby’s Teeth That You Need To Know!

Since your baby will have her new addition to those cute smile that captures your heart. You need to know the basic things to care about those little pearly whites as soon as they debut out.

If your baby does not have her baby tooth just yet, there is no need to panic. At some cases, it can pop out later until the first birthday or much more. While some babies have their teeth at four months. This pace varies for every baby.

All of these timelines is normal for your baby. If she does not have her baby teeth just yet. Help her soothe the teething stage. It is also crucial for your baby before poking up her first-ever tooth.

Your Baby’s Teeth, Teething, Care And How To Ease The Teething Pain

Now that your little one has her first baby tooth, you need to know the right way on how to take care of them. Remember that they are as important as their permanent teeth. Caring and making sure they don’t have decay is important for their health too.

Having to monitor healthy dietary food will also play an important factor in your baby’s development. If you can lessen the sugar intake and more of the healthy food is better.

As much as possible, try to avoid sharing food utensils with other babies or kids in the house. This way, you can also prevent any bacteria from going into your little one’s teeth/tooth.

At an early age, or as soon as your little one’s teeth erupt, teach them to brush their teeth. There are different tips and ways to help and teach your baby to spit out. But that comes handy when they are around two to three years old.

Remember that your baby’s teeth are important for their permanent teeth to erupt properly. If you can check with your doctor the best way to have an appointment for the dentist is great.

interesting facts about baby's teeth
Take care of your baby’s teeth – 10 Interesting Facts About Baby’s Teeth That You Need To Know!

Though pediatrician and dentist suggest that your little baby should start a fluoride toothpaste when they learn how to spit. There are also chances now that you can start using a fluoride toothpaste specially made for babies.

There is toothpaste you can choose with cool flavors that your baby’s teeth need to avoid decays. You can use a small amount of toothpaste with the size of the rice grain. And later on, add an amount until like a pea-size when they learn how to spit.

Fluoride Supplements
Ever wonder if you can go to the dentist for a fluoride supplement for your baby’s teeth? The truth is, you really do not need any fluoride vitamins. especially for babies six months that has their first tooth. On the other hand, if your baby is older, check with a pediatrician first.

Baby’s Teeth For Chewing?
One great fact about your baby’s teeth is that they are used for biting and mashing food. Your baby will not chew until their molar teeth come out. By then, their teeth are made for biting toys and fingers, foods and any railings that they would love to bite over.

Your baby will have a complete set of 20 little teeth by the age of three, maximum. Though they are called baby’s teeth, they will stay with your baby until all her permanent teeth appear. That will take until before she reaches teenage years.

Proper caring for your baby’s teeth is essential at a young age. These will play an important role for your baby’s, toddler and kids life as she grows. The baby teeth will help your little ones permanent teeth stay in the right place too.

The Order Of Each Tooth Erupting Your Little One’s Gums

baby's teeth
Order of teeth appearance – 10 Interesting Facts About Baby’s Teeth That You Need To Know!

Now that you have a quick overview of what needs to be done with your baby’s teeth. Let’s learn the order of tooth that you will be expecting to see sprout one by one.

These order may vary for your baby’s teeth first eruption. The good news is, these teeth are all expected to come out for your little baby.

If your baby is six to ten months, expect her first tooth to erupt. This is called the lower central incisor.
Next on the order is the upper central incisor that comes between eight to twelve months.
At nine to thirteen months, expect the upper lateral incisor to pop out.
the lower lateral incisor will debut when your baby is around ten to thirteen months.
The upper first molar will come out between the thirteenth to nineteen months.
Following that is the lower first molar which will take place between fourteen to eighteen months.
The cuspid or the upper canine will come out when your baby is about sixteen to twenty-two months.
The lower canine or the cuspid will follow when your little baby is between seventeen to twenty-three months older.
The lower second molar will come out when your baby is about twenty-three to thirty-one months.
And lastly, the upper second molar will appear when she is about twenty-five to thirty-three months.

Know the different development of your baby every month. We have the complete list of orders on what to expect for your baby’s development from the first week up to the first year!

We know that you are excited more than ever. Let’s tackle each development and stay with us for new updates! If you are also looking for party ideas, themes, decorations, cakes, favors, themes, etc. We got you covered from day one to the big event!


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